Lake Nacogdoches

Nacogdoches - Texas

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A section of the Lake Nacogdoches in Nacogdoches County, Texas.

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Lake Nacogdoches Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. cold weather & cold water

    3 lb. 2 oz. Largemouth Bass with a 1/2 oz jig Bleeding Ghost Shad

  2. big fight in my kayak

    8 lb. 7 oz. 28 in. Bowfin with a senko

    1. Shawn Gearinger 0
      WOW I bet that was a tussle!
    2. Noah Shapiro 0
      Nice one
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  3. Yellow Magic ( White)

    Top Water

  4. 8 lb. 8 oz. 25 in. Largemouth Bass with a jerkbait

    1. Steven Fisher 0
    2. Steven Fisher 0
      well till I get to my laptop my username for YouTube is slicksteven
    3. Drew Gierach 0
      Awesome! Steven, if you visit you can add your YouTube channel to your Fishidy profile. Looking forward to seeing the video.
    4. Noah Shapiro 0
      What's your channel?
    5. Steven Fisher 0
      thanks everyone I have a video of me catching this beauty too on YouTube
    6. Noah Shapiro 0
      Nice fish! Congrats
    7. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Big bass!!
    8. Melissa Norris 0
      nice catch 😀
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  5. Details: 1 lb. perch with a worm

  6. going after schooling bass

    4 lb. 10 oz. 22 in. Largemouth Bass with a fluke

  7. backlast my reel and after fixing it pulled my swim bait off the bottom and it hit it. crazy fight in my kayak :)

    9 lb. 12 oz. 27 in. Largemouth Bass with a swimbait

    1. Steven Fisher 0
      slicksteven is my name on YouTube
    2. Steven Fisher 0
      Yea I just uploaded this fight
    3. Matthew Sweeney 0
      I hear an imaginary commentator when I backlash "not good for Sweeney lets see how fast he can recover, the pressure is on!"
    4. John Morgan 0
      That is not a back lash, I call it a professional over run.
    5. Jon Giacalone 0
      Nice bass! Get any footage with the GoPro?
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  8. 7 lb. 1 oz. 26 in. Largemouth Bass with a sexy frog

    1. Steven Fisher 0
      yes one eye was white
    2. Dean Dearwester 0
      Old one eye?
    3. Steven Fisher 0
    4. kenny thompson 0
      Nice bass!!
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  9. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Cloudy overcast with a slight breeze, biting about 10-15 feet off the shore. Murky water. Wanted to use something that they'd react to. Great low visibility ...more day for a spinnerbait. 👌🏻

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