Lake Lyndon B Johnson

Burnet - Texas

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  • 43 spots

Largemouth Bass are the most sought after fish in the lake. The population is dominated by sub-legal (less than 14 inches) fish. Fish from 13 to 15 inches are common. Bass exceeding 10 pounds are occasionally caught.

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Lake Lyndon B Johnson Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. 7 lb. 9 oz. Largemouth Bass

    1. Morris Campbell
    2. Taylor Glover
    3. Scott Sorrell
      Good looking bass
    4. Robert Coleman
      HAWWWG! Awesome fish! 👍👍👍👍
    5. Frank Sharkey
      nice fish
    6. Melissa Norris
      nice fatty 😀
    7. Rich Pardy
      That's a hawg!!
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  2. Lucky #13

    10 lb. 24 in. Largemouth Bass with a Popper

  3. 4 lb. Largemouth Bass with a Lazyman Hook with a Creme Reel Scremer

    1. John Fitch
      Ya the wind was howling and really limited us on where we could go. Would have caught more but I wasn't using the right rod set up. Using a light crankbait rod ...more on a Lazyman Hook and Reel Scremer in the weeds, it's hard to get a good hook set and yank them out. I only brought 3 rods and lent my brother my Spinnerbait/Chatterbait rod.
    2. George Lay
      Nice fish! Colors are awesome!
    3. John Morris
      Way to go John! Looks like your LBJ plan worked great.
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  4. Does anyone have any information on fishing for catfish in LBJ.

    1. carl schulze
      good luck man tearing them up
    2. carl schulze
      sausage! deer sausage works best,used some old sausage one night because NOTHING,NOTHING WAS WORKIN. we're using minnows jigs worms cheese tortilla you name ...more it we're using it buddy cooked,a good cook at that susage was not rite,tasted funky. had one wrapped around cable for a couple hours,let take drag then try and reel up. never got it loose but pulled like monster. even wrapped around cable you could feel the stoutness. little while of that line gave up ended up with some nice ones fishing in Marina
    3. John Fitch
      I would like to know the answer to that one too
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  5. Alright next weekend is the weekend. Any last minute tips/ techniques/ lures I should use when we get there? My game plan so far is to do top water first thing in ...more the morning over the biggest grass bed I can find than head over to that horseshoe bay marina and surrounding area and fish those spawning flats and then hit the boat docks when the sun comes up high in the sky. This will be my first time on LBJ. Any advice will help. Game Plan is definitely open to change

    1. Chelsea miller
      I haven't tried it on lbj yet, but that whopper Plopper is An awesome top water!! They'd probably kill it!
    2. Chelsea miller
      We've had lots of luck fishing docks up near llano and the Colorado with chartreuse cranks as well as baby rage craws(summer craw and plum crazy) and the grass ...more beds. Worm fishing the drop offs and rocky shore lines
    3. John Fitch
      should I start at the grass beds or should I just go straight to the boat docks?
    4. John Morris
      Hey John, Topwaters, particularly hollowbody frogs work well around the docks in Horseshoe Bay early in the day. Once boat traffic starts chopping the surface, soft ...more plastics work well around the docks or you can flip a jig close to pilings, shade spots, etc. Hope the weather's favorable and have fun!
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  6. Details: Sunset Point Grassbeds


  7. Details: 4 lb. 5 oz. Largemouth Bass with a artificial worm on snagless jig

    Decent largemouth bass in the grass near Sunset RV resort

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