Lake Livingston

San Jacinto - Texas

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The size supports a productive and diverse fishery. Although the greatest amount of fishing pressure is applied to the abundant white bass population. Livingston is also a great Crappie, catfish, striper (pure and hybrid) and black bass resource. 90,000 a...

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Lake Livingston Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. 2 limits of sandies

    Bass, White with a slab

    1. James Moreland
      Nice. Pretty big lake.
    2. @justindevore they were still main lake
    3. Chris Dryer
      Good job!!!
    4. Justin Devore
      They anywhere near the creeks or still out in main lake?
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  2. 14 lb. 8 oz. 32 in. Blue Catfish

    1. Steven Fisher
      this was caught on rod and reel from a kayak below the dam and thanks everyone
    2. Larry Ciarrocchi
      Nice cat.
    3. james Griffin
      nice catch.
    4. Rodney Mizell
      Nice caught ... troutline or rod and reel ...
    5. Steven Humphrey
      Well I will ask...where on the lake did you get that one?
    6. Karl Engstrom
      Nice blue!!
    7. Hook Setter
      WOW that's a hugh monster cat. Way to Hook'em
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  3. He is a big one!

    White Bass with a Worm

    1. Steven Humphrey
      How did you keep it from breaking your tackle??
  4. Details: White Bass

    Landed 130, 63 keepers, fun day!

    1. SurfFishKing11
      Get to cleaning, nice catch!
  5. Caught 18 keepers here up top feeding on shad

    12 in. White Bass with a slab

  6. Details: white rock creek

  7. Details: Smallmouth Buffalo

  8. Tore em up on shad

    Blue Catfish

  9. Details: 5 oz. 5 in. Channel Catfish with a millworm

    Tiny little guy yet there is a lot of gar in that area

    1. Donna Thompson
      Thank you that's awesome is there any good spots
    2. kurt belyeu
      @donna yes.. loads of folks catch largemouth bass. I have one on my wall behind me weighing at nearly 7 pounds.
    3. Donna Thompson
      Have y'all seen or heard of anybody catch and largemouth bass on the like anywhere
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  10. Details: Crappie

    1. sandy Martel
      I don't know how m
    2. Cathy Martel
      Where did you catch crappie and what bait did you use?
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