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Lake Leon - Eastland County Fishing Reports

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  1. 12 lb. 5 oz. 20 in. Black Buffalo with a dough bait

    1. The Jungle Explorer 0
      Buffalo fish are, in my opinion, the best tasting fish in North America and the hardest fighting fish too. Here is a video I made on how to clean them and cook ...more them.
    2. The Jungle Explorer 0
      Buffalo fish are not rare, but they are hard to catch on a hook. Most people catch them with nets or shoot them with bow. Many people think they are a carp, but ...more the two fish not even related. In order to catch them on a hook, you must fish specifically for them.
    3. J Fisher 0
      Bucket list species. Tell me about those dudes
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  2. Black Buffalo with a Jungle Explorer's Magic Buffalo Bait

  3. 18 lb. 9 oz. 31 in. Black Buffalo with a Jungle Explorer's Magic Buffalo Bait

  4. 18 lb. 5 oz. 24 in. Black Buffalo with a Strike King Mr. Crappie Jig Heads

    1. The Jungle Explorer 0
      Thanks. I was jigging for crappie on an ultralite and snagged him. What a fight!
    2. Wade Bowles 0
      Great catch. Congrats!
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  5. Details: Smallmouth Buffalo

    Caught this 18 pounder a couple weeks ago. Caught it on my new carbon fiber collapsible 8' rod and my 12BB. 3000 Spinning reel I got off First fish ...more to catch on this new rig. It handled great and had no problem getting this hard fighter in. Fishing Tip: Buffalo are hard to catch because of their soft lips and that they seldom swallow bait but instead suck on it like a lollipop. Cont.

    1. The Jungle Explorer 0
      They have sensitive lips and will drop the bait if they feel and resistance like a weight. To avoid ripping the hook out it is best to use a long limber rod and ...more a light drag.
  6. Details: Smallmouth Buffalo

    Caught this 15 pounder a while back. Fishing Buffalo is a very different type of fishing. Buffalo suckered on their food like a lollipop and seldom swallow bait ...more whole. They have super sensitive lips and will drop the bait if they feel the slightest resistance like a weight. You almost always hook them in their soft lips which tear easily and since they are hard fighters they commonly rip the

    1. jeff rader 0
      hows the crappie been doing up in the creek
  7. Details: Barred Sand Bass

    First time to hit Leon this year. Wind was up something fierce but I still managed to get a few Sandies off the dam. All males. Marked a lot of fish, but most were ...more in 30 feet of water. could not get anything deep to hit. Caught all 3 fish within 10 feet of shore.

  8. Details: White Crappie with a Shad and jigs.

    Caught all these up at the conservation dam. All of the crappie are over 12 inches. Important information: The Shad hatch in Lake leon is like nothing I have ...more ever seen. throw a net anywhere in the lake and you will get 100 to 200 two inch long Shad for each cast. This means there should be a crappie explosion next year.

    1. Drew72 0
      Ikelite made one for the K-5. Worth a look. I've used their housings on other cameras and had good luck with them.
    2. The Jungle Explorer 0
      @ Thanks for the info. I have a Pentax K-r. Probably can't get a housing like that for it, but I will check.
    3. Drew72 0
      Have a dome port for the split shots to get the waterline effect
    4. Drew72 0
      And thanks! Appreciate the comments & cred. Tight lines.
    5. Drew72 0
      Use a Nikon 700D in a Subal housing with Inon strobes.
    6. Drew72 0
      Not a pilot, but do get around! Not all pics were from this year...
    7. The Jungle Explorer 0
      pictures with? Those are amazing!
    8. The Jungle Explorer 0
      @Drew72. Are you an airline pilot or something? I went back through your blerts and you have been all over this year. Canada, Alaska, Hawaii. Texas. Also what ...more camera are taking those underwater....
    9. Drew72 0
      Good to know. Thanks for the info. I'll have to get out and chase them one of these days.
    10. The Jungle Explorer 0
      @Drew72 They love clams, but I catch them on cutbait and crappie jigs. If you find them, you can usually catch a bunch. Best thing is, no size or catch limit.
    11. Drew72 0
      Thanks. They're in a few lakes that I fish around here, but have yet to hook one yet.
    12. The Jungle Explorer 0
      @Drew72 Yes. They taste great. They get pretty big and the really big ones can be tough if cooked wrong but these are perfect eating size.
    13. Drew72 0
      Good info! Are those freshwater drum on the right? How do they taste?
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  9. Details: White Crappie with a 1/8oz Eagle Claw Yellow -Black -Yellow wooly jig.

    Caught this 13.5 incher up at the conservation dam. Biggest crappie I have caught in years. I caught several more in the 12 to 13 range, all on the same color jig ...more (the only color they would hit). The water was still dirty frim the rains and they were biting like minnows, but if you could feel them and react fast enough, you got rewarded with a slab!

    1. The Jungle Explorer 0
      Thanks. It was nice to catch one over 10 inches for a change.
    2. Drew72 0
      Nice one! 🙌
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