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Harris - Texas

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Abundant Crappie and bream. Bass average 1-1/2 to 3 pounds. Some largemouth reach the low teens! White bass, hybrids and Channel Catfish are available. 12,700 acres A section of the Lake Houston in Harris County, Texas.

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Lake Houston Fishing Reports

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  1. Bayou Bassin League at Lake Houston Weigh-in 1-27-18 Please subscribe, like, and comment.

    1. John Fitch 0
      And you might want to join Lake Houston Anglers Club their team tournaments are only $50
    2. John Fitch 0
      learn about fishing the conditions to pick the right lure
    3. John Fitch 0
      It's all about practice. Need to spend the day and find out what part of the lake they are in. If the water temp are still -55° start at the main lake points ...more unless the water is too muddy. If its too muddy go search for clearer water. When it warms up start moving up the creeks/bayous and towards the spawning flats hitting as much structure & points as you can on the way. Just follow the migration of bass. And if you find them in practice think about where they be moving next
    4. So what should I fish and where should I fish
    5. John Fitch 0
      To me its a good lake to fish during spawn because of how shallow the lake is and how huge the spawning flats are. It doesn't take much to muddy the waters on ...more Lake Houston. Usually Luces Bayou is popular area of the lake and seems to have cleaner water most of the time. But that may have changed since the hurricane. The West Fork actually had cleaner water during this tournament and Luces had Zero visibility due to the rain that week.
    6. You have any tips for me on Lake Houston bass fishing I did the angles quest tournament today and caught a oil bass then lost a big one any ideas on what to fish?
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  2. Went to the lake this weekend launched at bj's we caught a couple blue cats over 3 hrs and decided to leave.I was strapping boat down when a fellow fisherman ...more pulled his boat out limited out on white bass and told me there was "plenty more" could somebody please help me ... where are those fish

  3. Caught on ultra lite 4 lb line rig

    Largemouth Bass with a red tipped nose power shad

  4. 28 in. Flathead Catfish with a Worms

    1. Carlos Medina 0
    2. Buck Lane 0
      Boat or bank?
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a salamander

  6. Details: Blue Catfish with a bacon

    spawn fish and mature

  7. Details: Perch

    Trees, Lillies

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