Lake Anahuac

- Texas

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Lake Anahuac Fishing Reports

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  1. Details: White Crappie

    1. Blanca Vasquez 0
      have you been out recently
    2. Matthew Baudoin 0
      You have any advice about lake Anahuac?
    3. bri_strong 0
      how do you get to the water on anahuac lake?
    4. EthanKitter99 0
      nice haul @cstone06
    5. nice mixed bag way to go .
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  2. Details: White Crappie

    1. fishing_19 0
      That's two crappie fish
    2. MRsmOOthSKIN 0
      Been hunting for these in my delta, no luck yet still a little early. Nice fish though.
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  3. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    This was the end result. 29.5", 29",27",17", and 22" red. We had a good night! Yeah buddy!!! DIRTY SOUF ANGLER!

    1. Blanca Vasquez 0
      have you been out recently
    2. Reel_Smooth 0
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  4. Details: Black Drum

    Same as last blert.. Hitting these bad boys for about an hour straight.. Tons of big ones some rat reds in the mix.. Finally took of when the first catfish showed ...more up. Not because of the catfish but because we had finished the quart of shrimp!

  5. Details: Black Drum

    Same as last blert this big fella hit 34".. Good fight on light tackle. Hit em up good!

  6. Details: Black Drum

    Pulled up to a spot ive been hitting fish up and man from the get go started catching drum left and right whole bunch of big ones that we released and kept 4 drums ...more and a red. 29.5",29",27",17", and the red was 22". Me and me buddy must have released about 6-7 over 30" each. Very good night. Really high tide no water flow. Fishing about 5fow where it usually is 2'. Unusually high tide. Fish fry!!!

    1. bgelske 0
    2. Txfisherman713 R 0
      @bgelske i havent been out there in a while from what i heard river is full because of recent rains
    3. bgelske 0
      Are the saltwater fish coming in now
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  7. Details: Gulf Flounder with a Chicken boy lures bubba cluckas w/shrimp pro cure

    Came down to Fort Anahuac park for a bit flounders started jumping and snatching little schools of shad so I decided to throw them something they couldn't resist ...more nice little flounder early in the week. Water is murky still fresh and a bit windy casting close to marshes fishing with @txfisherman713

    1. fishguy713 0
      thnks @95txmf
    2. 95txmf 0
      Cool good luck @fishguy713
    3. fishguy713 0
      thnks @95txmf gonna see if I hook me up on some today
    4. 95txmf 0
    5. 95txmf 0
      Probably not that good but you can still get lucky I thought I wouldn't catch anything yesterday because of the rain but I still got this guy and they were really ...more active lots of blow ups from flounder
    6. fishguy713 0
      damn its probably dead right now hu not tht many bites for today hu?
    7. 95txmf 0
      Its a bit fresh still but there is a lot of bait in the water huge schools of shad by the pier on the channel there's a lot of current and water is really fresh ...more @fishguy713
    8. fishguy713 0
      nice hows the water ovathere ?
    9. miguel moreno 0
      yes sir gonna try lol
    10. 95txmf 0
      Cool going for some big uglies? @slatwater
    11. miguel moreno 0
      nicely done bro i need to wet some line might hit up Morgan's point tomorrow
    12. 95txmf 0
      Thanks @slatwater yes sir he was 17in
    13. miguel moreno 0
      nice brotha!! keeper right?
    14. 95txmf 0
      Thanks @ReelGame
    15. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Nice Flounder
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