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High Island Beach Fishing Reports

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  1. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    Caught a week ago on fresh whiting bout 200 yards out. Measured out at 44in. Not too much bait fish activity in the water.

  2. Details: Bull Shark

    This was 2 weeks ago. Caught on fresh mullet I had soaking bout 300 yds out. Lots of scattered mullet in the surf. Had several runs on cow nose but no hook ups. ...more Most likely pup sharks due to small teeth marks.

    1. fishingmatt 0
  3. Details: Bull Shark with a southern

    dropped a piece of southern about 500 yds on a 20/0 hook and this at bull hit at night 10' 50 heavy ftu HomaStixxx 30w 500yd fins 65lb 300yds 80lb jb and 65lb ...more topshot 20' 400lb mono and 480lb coated cable 20/0 lp circle hook drop

  4. Details: Bull Shark

    The new shark fishing trailer. Works like a charm

    1. Jesse Ramirez 0
      It's makes life easy man
    2. Matt Dobson 0
      Sweet man. Would love to have a trailer like that.
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  5. Details: Blacktip Shark

    4' black tip. Nice fight

    1. Jesse Ramirez 0
      That one I set the bait about 150 yards out
    2. Matt Dobson 0
      Congrats. How far out were you?
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  6. Details: Bull Shark

    Surf looks great!! Calm, not a wave past the first bar. Muddy in close gradually getting greener. Gonna drop rays on the bolivar end of the peninsula but Im seeing ...more shrimp boats fairly close... Hope they don't bother us

    1. fishingmatt 0
      @zachwolk I do too... Man I hope it stays calm for the Gulf Coast tourney next weekend
    2. zachwolk 0
      Calm green seas are expected throughout the week. Dropping some big baits every night, somethings gonna happen. firm believer that the bigger sharks roam the beaches ...more at night with this green water.
    3. texasfishingkid kid 0
      OK thanks
    4. fishingmatt 0
      @fishallday it is a bug that has to do with bad connection... You still have your gold.
    5. fishingmatt 0
      Im not admin bud, but I'll help you out @fishallday
    6. texasfishingkid kid 0
      the app says that I'm not a gold member anymore but under my pictures it says I am. is this a glitch
    7. Surf_Monkey 0
      Yeah man, good luck. Looks good out there, should be some scream in' reels soon.
    8. Reel_Smooth 0
    9. gr82bstr8 0
      Good luck!
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  7. Details: Blacktip Shark

    There was more bait than I knew what to do with. Reds and sharks are hitting. Right around low tide

    1. Paul 0
      I am out here at the river soaking some bait myself. 🐠
    2. Paul 0
      @ReelGame good luck bro
    3. Jesse Ramirez 0
      Good luck buddy. I hear the water is calm today.
    4. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      @paul_376 heading to Location X for some Specks and Reds plus Flounders
    5. Jesse Ramirez 0
      They are hitting right now!
    6. Paul 0
      Nice catch @Jesse_ramirez
    7. Paul 0
      @ReelGame lets go catch a shark
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  8. Details: Lemon Shark with a tuna head

    don't you hate dripping prime baits with no pick up for hours?

    1. jeanpear reyes 0
      @matt yeah and the tide has gotten really low. it went from one weekend with friend pulling 25+ sharks over 5 ft to just a couple runs to nothing
    2. Matt Dobson 0
      Something is up with HI right now. @fishingmatt was just commenting on how little shark activity there has been there lately
    3. jeanpear reyes 0
      Idk where I'm going just know I am
    4. garrett weiss 0
      I'm going to Destin in a week I'm in Orlando now
    5. jeanpear reyes 0
      @garrettjweiss yeah, hopefully we have luck the weekend dropping baits in Florida lol
    6. garrett weiss 0
      That sucks
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  9. Details: Whiting

    Son caught this whiting on shrimp. Thanks @fishinggal for bait.

    1. Paul 0
      I usually wrap shrimp that size in bacon and yummmmmmm
    2. Paul 0
      @SwampMafia @fishinggal yeah that was throw on the grill shrimp not bait shrimp!
    3. Swamp Mafia 0
      I'm glad someone is catching fish on it!
    4. Edward Pease Bomber1 0
      @fishinggal the surf looks a little calmer than yesterday
    5. Paul 0
      Thanks @SwampMafia for the bait to catch this baby.
    6. fishinggal 0
      He wants credit for him prime shrimo. hahahaha
    7. fishinggal 0
      It was actually @SwampMafia that provided prime, $15/?? lb, jumbo shrimp, so you can thank him😃
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