Gulf of Mexico (Texas)

Brazoria - Texas

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Golf of Mexico, Texas shoreline

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Gulf of Mexico (Texas) Fishing Reports

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  1. deep sea fishing fun. nikko octopus for the win.

    Strawberry Grouper with a nikko octopus

    1. Taylor Glover 0
      Lawrence when I get my boat going, I'll fish with ya.
    2. Lawrence Williamson 0
      What would you charge for half day guide on Town Lake? Basically need to learn how to determine what baits work best for different times of the day and seasons ...more as well as to learn how to use them correctly. Thanks
    3. Taylor Glover 0
      got the stingray in the surf with bass gear. rattle trap
    4. Taylor Glover 0
    5. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Sweet catches bro!! 👍👍 that octopus looks real..
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  2. Ladyfish with a Fish Bites

    1. Brandy Dixon 0
      Thank you! We are new to this so we weren't positive.
    2. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      That's a Ladyfish. Nice one !!!
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  3. King Mackerel with a Jigging Shad

    1. Richard Falor 0
      Thanks Roger!
    2. Roger Parker 0
      Hell of a catch!!!
    3. Richard Falor 0
      Thanks! This is the first one I've ever caught. It was 42" and I caught it on light tackle...small spinning reel with less than a 100 yards of 15 lb test ...more line. It was a fun and interesting fight, that's for sure.
    4. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Nice King!! Really like those blackened!!!
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  4. I think this is a Croaker. Caught it surf fishing in Galveston

    6 lb. Spot Croaker with a Fish bites - shrimp flavor

    1. Wade Bowles 0
      That’s definitely a black drum. They don’t eat very well but they are fun to catch. We always called them big uglies. Nice catch!
    2. Bobby Logwood 0
      Looks more like a juvenile black drum judging from the shape and color.
    3. Richard Hill 0
      If that's a croaker it's a bigun!
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  5. It was a long day at first then they started to bite and it was on

    9 lb. 6 oz. 29 in. Rainbow Runner with a live shinner

    1. bonehead 0
      You bet ya best fish I've ever had
    2. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      That is an amazing fish on the table!! Yum
    3. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Sweet fish.. dont thinking I've ever seen one of them.
    4. Jon Giacalone 0
      Great pic!
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  6. We were fishing at the top and when he bit it was a explosion.We grabbed the rod and it was a huge fight 30 minutes.when I got him in I was exhausted and what a ...more fight.

    102 lb. 3 oz. 78 in. Sailfish with a A large bait fish

    1. Tyler Miele 0
      Just awesome
    2. john stimson 0
      great pic
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  7. fishing from the surf @ crystal beach

    3 lb. 12 oz. 24 in. Red Drum with a cut squid

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