Galveston Bay

Chambers - Texas

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Galveston Bay is the largest estuary on the Texas coast and the seventh largest in the United States. The Galveston Bay Complex is actually made up of four separately named bays: East Bay and West Bay in the south, Galveston Bay proper in the south and n...

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Galveston Bay Fishing Reports

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  1. 4 in. Blue Shark

    1. Jaws:)
    2. James Daniel 0
      They are a lot of those
    3. it’s a galftop 😆
    4. it’s a galftop 😆
    5. it’s a galftop 😆
    6. it’s a galftop 😆
    7. it’s a galftop 😆
    8. it’s a galftop 😆
    9. it’s a galftop 😆
    10. ben franklin 0
      sure hes kidding. theres gazillions of those out there in that hot bay right now
    11. James Daniel 0
      That looks like a saltwater catfish....
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  2. 36 in. Red Drum with a blue crab

  3. 4in swimming mullet white and chartreuse

    14 in. Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a Berkley Gulp! 3 in. and 4 in. Minnows

  4. 19 in. Red (redfish) Drum

    1. Buddy Pierce 0
      great picture.
  5. Trolling for Kings

    39 in. King Fish with a Mirror Lure

    1. David Garcia 0
      The lure was like a 3oz spoonbill with a red-colored head and white body. I know it ran about 5ft deep while trolling. The water was as calm and clear as it gets ...more out there and we were around the High Island Rig. You can click on the details of the pic to get an approximant location.
    2. Ken Wilcox 0
      More details? Lure size and color? Where about were you trolling? Anything?
      Nice fish!
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  6. The Biggest Lady Fish I've ever caught. I would have measured it if I knew the record was 28.5".

    Lady Fish with a Chicken Boy

  7. on a chartreuse 4in swimming mullet

    19 in. Red (redfish) Drum

  8. Details: 11 oz. 8 in. Bluegill with a Worm

    5 bluegill

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