Central Laguna Madre

Kenedy - Texas

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Some of the best sight-fishing for red drum along the Texas Gulf Coast exists inside Laguna Madre. Shallow draft vessels and flats boats will often travel 30 to 40 miles in each direction to drift, pole and wade fish the rich shallows of this section of t...

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Central Laguna Madre Fishing Reports

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  1. bouncing the bait right on top of the grass paddle tail works too

    25 in. Spotted Seatrout with a Norton sand eel

  2. 30 inch gill hooked couldn't release.

    Spotted Seatrout with a Kelly wiggles pink flamingo

    1. Noah Shapiro 0
      Wow that's huge
    2. Wade Bowles 0
      Gorgeous spec. Congrats.
    3. Ronald Howell 0
      Catch of a lifetime there.
    4. Robert Coleman 0
      That is a monster! Very nice!
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  3. This red was 30+" and was released

    12 lb. 31 in. Red Drum with a live shrimp

  4. drifting off the ICW . took a friend and his son and son sons. I invited one to fish how did I get 3 extras. oh well had fun.

    6 lb. 26 in. Red Drum with a crocker

    1. Any time. Lots of spots no doubt.
    2. Tim Boone 0
      I should have looked you up before my trip to ULM this weekend and got some tips from you. This was my first time to fish ULM. I launched at Bird Island Basin.
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  5. drifting with the winds. by the grassbeds with sand pockets

    7 lb. 27 in. Red Drum with a plastic eel

  6. Details: 20 in. trout & REDS with a green paddle tail

    along the king ranch shore line by bird island before the boat barn on king ranch, right on the shore line. trouts and one 29 1/2" red.

    1. call me Tuesday so I can check the weather. But Thursday is great. 361-244-7002 Benjamin.
    2. Richard, Thursday is great for next week.
    3. Richard Mackinder 0
      Adolfo..thanks, I would love to fishing with a local. I'm tied up with my part-time job this week but have Thur., Fri. & Sat. free next week. Please keep ...more me in mind, I would love to learn from you. Richard Mackinder
    4. If u like to go let me know. Going tomorrow and friday . Sat and sun is already taken.
    5. Richard Mackinder 0
      I'm a retired yankee "snowbird" who just moved down here. Just learning to fish saltwater. I'm envious!
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