Canyon Lake

Comal - Texas

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Largemouth Bass are the most abundant gamefish in the reservoir. They exhibit a slow growth rate but the population contains large numbers of fish.

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Canyon Lake Fishing Reports

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  1. fishing canyon lake tomorrow, looking for anyone who wants to come along. 19ft skiff. drifting live bait for stripers, possibly trolling some lures too. going ...more to hit the water around 10am. contact me if you want to join

  2. Largemouth Bass with a Minnow jig

      Nothing better than taken your daughter or niece fishing... that Smile is awesome!!! great memories!!! My daughter had the same smile. Tight Lines!!! JJ
  3. Largemouth Bass with a Minnow jig

    1. Jason Leib
      That's smile says it all!!
  4. Largemouth Bass with a Spinner

  5. Hybrid Striped Bass with a White jig w chartruese curly tail grub

    1. Doug Walsdorf
      About 20-30 ft.
    2. Jason Leib
      How deep were you fishing? Heading out there tomorrow in the am. Thanks
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  6. Hey All, looking for someone to fish with on Canyon Lake, Texas, this winter. I have a 17 foot Carolina Skiff and plenty of gear (plus still accumulating more). ...more I prefer to go after stripers, but if they don't cooperate will switch species, why waste a day on the water right. Primarily thinking of trolling till finding active fish or bait on the Garmin, then drifting over with jigs. If anyone is interested, drop me a line. Thanks

    1. B. Cole
      going out tomorrow to do some drift fishing and trolling. let me know if you want to join
    2. Alan Gilley
      Im on canyon pretty often. Have a 18ft champion bass boat. Had pretty good luck with stripers near the dam.
    3. Darrell Coleman
      Tony, also interested in Canyon lake fishing. Was there over Veterans day weekend and caught 1 largemouth keeper. Never fished for stripers on purpose here in TX.
    4. Valin Klock
      I'm actually fishing with a football jig And turkey call right now
    5. Valin Klock
      I am very interested. Let me know when
    6. Jason Leib
      Thanks Tony for the fishing trip! Enjoyed the time on the water. Hope we get to do it again.
    7. Jason Leib
      Very interested. Shoot me a message and I'll let you know if I can make it.
    8. B. Cole
      im out there all the time catfishing and throwing lures up river, so keep me in mind. im not good with stripers, but want to try more.
    9. Tony Becker
      Hey Casey, sounds good..just let me know when works for you. I get the LakeVu chip in today and plan on picking some waypoints over the weekend
    10. casey johle
      I'm definitely interested, but my availability is sketchy at best right now. I have a 1 month old who has a tendency to dominate our time. Shoot me a line ...more any time and I will check with the boss to see if she'll give me a kitchen pass.
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  7. 3 lb. 9 oz. Largemouth Bass with a topwater

    1. chance johnson
      towards the mouth of canyon lake
    3. Doug Walsdorf
      Great fish! What part of the lake?
    4. casey johle
      Nice bass! Wish I was fishing!
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  8. Boulders on the shallow side of tree. Shallow water. Trolling motor only.

    3 lb. Largemouth Bass with a 4" senko brownish wacky

    1. Brett Stallings
      No problem. It's an area with submerged trees and boulders with big gaps between them. Perfect sunshine fishing spot (bluebird skies). I re read my post and ...more what I meant is A LOT of those rocks are too shallow to run the big motor. It should be better marked being that close to the marina. Btw I pulled 11 bass on a wacky rig senko and one on an xrap. I even caught a crappie on the wacky rig. This is one of the most productive spots I've found in years.
    2. Doug Walsdorf
      Sorry, new to the site. Just saw the location button w CMM on the map.
    3. Doug Walsdorf
      Sorry, new to the site. Just saw the location button w CMM on the map.
    4. Doug Walsdorf
      What marina is in the background?
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