Camp Creek Lake

Robertson - Texas

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Camp Creek Lake is a small lake located in Robertson County, Texas.

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Camp Creek Lake Fishing Reports

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  1. Been ripping bass off the beds in the mean time, when the river level is no good for Gar fishing bass are a good alternative, these are two floridas out of a local ...more lake here in ennis tx, 4-1/2 lbs and a 3-1/2 and my buddy caught at the same time. Released still swimming, conservation keeps our holes full

  2. Kicked off Gar season with a six footer, gonna be a good year

    1. rowdy2404 0
      Thanks for the answer. I was just curious because they are considered a nuisance fish here. Fun to catch tho.
    2. Detroit River Angler 0
      Pre-historic beast!!
    3. John Buttacavoli 0
      holy sh**
    4. bruton9 0
      They are trying to protect them here now as a result of the big fish of the population are far more scarce
    5. bruton9 0
      @rowdy2404 Gar can be caught or kept per trip per person...that goes for bow fishing them or jug or trot lines as well, it's a year round season but ...more a few years ago they changed the limit
    6. rowdy2404 0
      Sorry, I meant to say gar. Spell check.
    7. rowdy2404 0
      Is there actually a specific Legal fishing season for hat in Texas?
    8. bruton9 0
      Hook out, and released healthy
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a green striped crankbait

  4. Details: Channel Catfish with a gulp glow in the dark plastic worms

    Put a weight about 1ft in front of the lure, which was a gulp plastic night crawler (glow in the dark) on a 1/8 ounce jig head. I had it pretty weighted so I could ...more pull through the brush underwater. Just a slow jentle drag along the bottom and bam swallowed it. Glow in the dark really helped it stand out at night in the mud.

  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a H2O express 5.5 horny frog legs

    Biggest one of the day, diddnt have enough time to get pics of the others but nothing special just a fast feeding frenzy

    1. greysongrieshaber 0
  6. You have no idea how hard it is to take a picture, hold a fish and keep the boat from running into a dock all at the same time. Tried several different baits ...more but frog seemed to work the best, they were hitting it 3 seconds after my first bump from the bottom.

    1. greysongrieshaber 0
      Nice one
  7. Details: Blue Catfish with a spinner

    I have no clue why these catfish took the spinnerbait... Never heard of them doing that before. 5.5lbs and 6 lbs

  8. Details: Hybrid Bass

    1. boarwhore 0
      U have to know someone or get a lot out there
    2. RippinLips13 0
      How do you get access to Camp Creek?
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  9. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a Little jig lure

    1. boarwhore 0
      Ur face is sad @chaserocks
    2. boarwhore 0
      How is it sad
    3. chaserocks 0
      That's sad @boarwhore
    4. boarwhore 0
      I farm them
    5. boarwhore 0
    6. Laine Dillard 0
      Nice green sunfish
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Black h&h lure

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