Lake Buchanan

Burnet - Texas

  • 95 catches


  • 39 spots

Striped bass receive a good amount of angling pressure. The fish cannot reproduce in the lake and the fishery is driven by stocking efforts. Large amounts of open water habitat and abundant forage allow stripers to quickly grow to 18 inches.

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Lake Buchanan Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. 9+

    stripper with a live bait

    1. Frank Sharkey 0
  2. Largemouth Bass with a Texas rig senko

    1. Allan Onufrei 0
      Dude that is freaking sick!
    2. Alexa Kennedy 0
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  3. I wasn't paying attention and my rod was in the grate of a bench and when he ate it he ripped that thing and flipped the rod on its side and then I fought it ...more for a good 10 minutes. The best part of the weekend.

    4 lb. 3 oz. 22 in. Common Carp with a hot dog

  4. Details: 8 in. Guadalupe Bass with a rattle trap

  5. 26 lbs fun catch and release! cut bait on my late grandfather's Abu Garcia abu garcia ambassadeur 5000

    Buffalo Fish with a cut bait

    1. Fabian Flores 0
      Ok thanks
    2. Mike Russ 0
      Try live bait, cut shad or chicken liver(catfish crack) catfish are good at that lake!
    3. Fabian Flores 0
    4. Mike Russ 0
      And what part Rotge lake
    5. Mike Russ 0
      What are you fishing for ?
    6. Fabian Flores 0
      I am going to Buchanan in July what is best bait to use here I have never fished this lake
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  6. The run has begun here in central Texas! We caught 250+ fish today! Guide trips now available for white bass. Send me an email to

    White Bass with a Jig

    1. puredemon29 0
      Dude that's so awesome
    2. Tristin Riddle 0
      @puredemon29 they were all released alive after the photo. I don't clean fish unless my clients want them. This was pic was within the first 45 minutes of fishing. ...more They all swam away fine.
    3. puredemon29 0
      why do you want all those fish bro. you know most them gonna go bad
    4. Chris Skinner 0
      Nice, I've always done well on roadrunner jigs, and jigging spoons, haven't thrown crappie jigs at em before
    5. Tristin Riddle 0
      @Cowboy713 just regular crappie jigs
    6. Chris Skinner 0
      Nicely did! You being a guide I don't wanna steal any of your secrets but what type of jigs were y'all throwing?
    7. Tristin Riddle 0
      Possibly @kjack707
    8. kjack707 0
      gonna make a vid for this day?
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  7. Striped, hybrid, and white bass. 32 of them in all

    Hybrid Striped Bass

    1. Noah Seeley 0
      Way to catch live shad
    2. Noah Seeley 0
      What's the best
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