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Created by a violent earthquake in the early 1800's, this flooded area is now one of the most fertile and productive lakes in the U.S. A recent study found Reelfoot supports 1,250 pounds of fish per acre, including forage, rough and gamefish. Probably the...

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Reelfoot Lake Fishing Reports

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  1. Is there a horsepower limit on the lake.? I live in Pa and we are looking for a place near the lake to buy and retire in.

    1. Doug Negus 0
      Most of the fishing is around trees and stumps bass boat flat bottom are boats of choice. Slow speeds are advised (3-5 maybe)
    2. Terry Detraz 0
      I moved here in 2018 and only boat I gad was a 16' SmokerCraft w/90HP on it. I could fish but due to stumps, speed was about 3-5MPH. Bigger motor means more ...more weight. More weight means more draft. More draft means you'll hit more stumps. Still have the SmokerCraft but also now have a 14' jon w/9.9HP
    3. Turley Muller 0
      You will be fine is a Jon boat. If you like to crappie fish this is the right place. However, there are some regulations on the lake, one being you have to buy a ...more separate permit to fish. This Is due to the preservation of wildlife/ecology - including eagles. Gorgeous cypress trees. If you are looking for more of a rec lake, check out Kentucky lake or pickwick.
    4. Gerald Pajak 0
      no but you have to watch out for all the stumps,cant go to fast.
    5. Gerald Pajak 0
      no but you have to watch out for all the stumps,cant go to fast.
    6. john snyder 0
      Thanks all. I think the flat bottom Jon boat is the right way to go.
    7. Charles Stevens 0
      There's no hp limit,see boats with all size motors but like the other folks said it is bad stumpy! I have a bass boat,thank God it is aluminum,that I made the ...more mistake of taking once,hung up like crazy there's paths thru the stumps but if you don't know them you'll hang up like crazy but my bigger John boat just floats across without much issue
    8. Roseann Camper 0
      Stumps everywhere. Went for a few days last year and rented a boat resort advised go slow there are stumps and you will hit them. We went slow and still got stuck ...more on one had to rock ourselves off. Beautiful lake just beware.
    9. William Lillibridge 0
      Not sure. But the lake is so shallow and stump covered you don't want to go too fast unless you know the lake really well.
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  2. 4 lb. 9 oz. Largemouth Bass

    1. Lingcoya Young 0
      Nice one brother going this weekend hope i have some luck
    2. Hook Setter 0
      Now that's a sweet bass way to HOOK'EM
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