Lake Wateree

Fairfield - South Carolina

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One of South Carolina's oldest man-made lakes with approximately 242 miles of shoreline in three counties: Fairfield, Lancaster, and Kershaw. The lake was created in 1920 by damming the Wateree River and is owned and managed by Duke Energy. Lake Wateree...

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Lake Wateree Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. Details: 4 lb. 26.0 in. Largemouth Bass with a Rapala Shad Raps

  2. 25 lb. 2 oz. Blue Catfish

    1. Chris Fox 0
      Nice job cuz! @ken bass are on fire at Murray right now. Shaky head and square bill cranks.
    2. Jo Harshbarger 0
      Thank you for answering me back Jennifer. I drive almost a hour to get up there. I have caught some really nice blues on dam side. I have to find places I can bank ...more fish cause I no longer have a boat. Ive tried by the boat ramp on other side of dam but not even a bite. That was couple weeks ago. the water at dam side is high and running hard when I was there last. Good luck in the future on the cats. Those main squeeze...
    3. jennifer donahue 0
      it was lake side they were biting great only catfish
    4. Jo Harshbarger 0
      want to go back to fish at rhe dam but last time I was there water was too high..
    5. Jo Harshbarger 0
      was this lake side or dam side.
    6. jennifer donahue 0
      I don't fish that lake sorry
    7. Ken Sholter 0
      anyone been to lake murray lately? largemouth baits?
    8. View full conversation
  3. 4 lb. 8 oz. Blue Catfish with a Cut Shad

  4. Details: 8 oz. 6 in. bream and shell crackers with a pink worms

    bream and shell crackers

  5. Details: 1 lb. 12 in. Blue Cat with a pink worms

    blue cat

  6. Details: Bream with a Pink worms

    Small fish in 2-3' of water

    1. Marty Young 0
      Small but fun to catch.
  7. sorry bout pic heavy to hold on boat lol

    45 lb. Blue Catfish with a cut bait

    1. Melissa Cottrell 0
      Absolutely gorgeous
  8. Details: 15 lb. 300 in. Blue Catfish

    1. mark cunningham 0
      anyopne know if striper are schooling on Wateree?
  9. Details: 15 lb. Blue Catfish with a cut bait

    blue cat fish

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