Lake Murray

Lexington - South Carolina

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An excellent producer of stripers, including trophies over 40 pounds. Largemouth Bass over 10 pounds available. Top-notch bream, shellcracker and Crappie fishing. Docks and brush piles provide important cover. 50,800 acres A section of the Lake Murray in ...

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Lake Murray Fishing Reports

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  1. Redear Sunfish with a Berkley Gulp! 6 in. Nightcrawlers

  2. Filling up a kiddie pool.

    Largemouth Bass with a Fluke

    1. Andrew Noonan 0
      SCDNR has been notified
    2. Lee Ward 0
      So did you really think that this post was going to create positive feedback? As Bass Anglers we are ALL about the conservation of the sport.
    3. Max Cobb 0
      I don't support eating largemouth bass. If you want dinner, fish for catfish, crappie, or striper! They taste better anyways!
    4. Greg Seeger 0
      How many people was fishing? Limit as well?? F___ing ridiculous!!!
    5. Greg Seeger 0
      How many people was fishing? Limit as well?? F___ing ridiculous!!!
    6. Greg Seeger 0
      How many people was fishing? Limit as well?? F___ing ridiculous!!!
    7. Greg Seeger 0
      How many people was fishing? Limit as well?? F___ing ridiculous!!!
    8. Greg Seeger 0
      How many people was fishing? Limit as well?? F___ing ridiculous!!!
    9. Nice! But not good to post pictures of bass kept under 14inches which is the legal limit for lgmouth bass on Lake Murray.
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  3. Bluegill (Bream) with a nightcrawlers

    1. Joe Ferrario 0
      That there is a Shellcracker, better known as a red ear sunfish, of which Bream (bluegill) are members of.
  4. Crawdad color

    3 lb. 10 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Crankbait

    1. Jim Worley 0
      Found some piles up where I want them. Just hope they stay there for 6 more days, lol! Thanks Josh!
    2. Hope you found a few staging fishπŸ‘πŸ».Good luck in your tourny Jim
    3. Jim Worley 0
      Thanks Josh. Was a great day on the water! I'm ready for my tournament next weekend!
    4. Nice Bass JimπŸ‘πŸ»
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  5. Little Saluda River,,water is down,sat in main channel,10 ft,casting into shallows,using GT WORMS,AN , CAUGHT STRIPED BASS WITH MINNOW,1CATFISH ON MINNOW,ALL OTHER ...more FISH CAUGHT WITH WORMS, TOTAL CAUGHT AN BOATED 12, LOST 4 , AT BOAT,AN MANY MORE BITES,, drifting,bale open,no weight,,,

    Redear Sunfish with a GREAT TASTING WORMS

  6. little Saluda River,

    Redear Sunfish with a worms

  7. surprised he hit a small minnow,(shiner). little Saluda River,lake down approximately 7.5 ft.

    9 lb. 5 oz. 25 in. Striped Bass with a minnow

  8. Striped Bass

    1. Patrick Tate 0
      I pretty much only use live bait. Not big on casting lures.. they fun to catch..
    2. David Froehlich 0
      Nice stripers. live bait or artificial? My buddy turned me on to strippers 15 yrs ago, I can't get enough.
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  9. Striped Bass

    1. Ron Chrisley 0
      I recommend your friend watch.. The Old Fisherman on YouTube..
      Here's a good friend, & knows how to catch fish.. Very Instructional..
      Later.. thanks
    2. Ron Chrisley 0
      Y'all ever see my boat on Murray, wave me down.. We'll share info & tell Fish Tails..!
    3. gordon lewis 0
      Thank you for the information I will be in touch with you after we try to get some 😎😎😎😎
    4. Ron Chrisley 0
      I have a friend that had been catching White Perch on triple rigged jigs near Wessinger Island at Hilton Rec. Landing.. He also uses GULP SHRIMP ON 1/8oz. jig heads..
    5. gordon lewis 0
      Nice striper,,,a friend lives near Lake Murray, and would like to catch some white Perch,,can give me some ideas on Murray??? Thanks
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  10. 7 lb. 26 in. Striped Bass with a Blueback Herring

    1. John Nunu 0

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