Shenango Lake

Mercer - Pennsylvania

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Crappie are by far the most popular species. The typical fish runs 10 to 12 inches with plenty of 14-to 16-inch slabs available. Largemouth numbers are good. Shenango is also one of PA's premier Channel Catfish lakes with some getting to 40 inches and 25 ...

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Shenango Lake Fishing Reports

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  1. Smallmouth Bass with a jig n pig

    1. Tony Callies 0
      Looks like the fall Smallie bite is on out east and here in the upper midwest. Enjoy the action!
    2. Nice smallmouth!!!
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  2. Details: 5

    Panfish like the rocks under the ramp because they use it as housing. That's about all I have to say about this here lol. Happy fishing

  3. Details: 7

    Honestly I'm not sure about this spot. It looks like a great place for crappie tho. I haven't fished here much and I've never pulled anything out. There's ...more a bit of debris like rocks and logs on the bottom. Maybe some catfish? I'll try to spend a lot of time here soon. Happy fishing and hope you can catch something here.

  4. Details: 6

    The lake bottom here is pebbles and small rocks, which is different from the surrounding areas. Fish however you want to (as long as it's legal). You can catch ...more pretty much any fish here. No structures to get snagged on that I know of.

  5. Details: 4

    Here is where you'll find the biggest fish. Large catfish and bass call the area around the docks home. Obviously if your catfish fishing, you should wait until ...more dusk. You should know bass activity, so go whenever you think is best. Do not use the docks to fish off of. Move over if a boat wants to dock near where you're fishing before or after the go out. I recently caught a 2 1/2lb. Largie here. Good luck.

  6. Details: 2

    A good spot to have some relaxed fishing/ family time. You can fish using bobbers or lures or on the bottom; it doesn't matter. Using live bait works better ...more than using fake stuff. No structures or present. Overall a nice spot to just relax or teach kids.

  7. Details: 3

    Three trees create a v shape here. 2 of the trees are out farther and you can see them sticking up. Recently a new tree has appeared closer to shore between the ...more two. I'm not sure if it was added or a wave pushed it up, but it creates a very difficult fishing area. I avoid fishing here because of all the dangers of getting snagged. Bass, crappie, and catfish call this home and are active throughout the whole day. If you get snagged, do not pull too hard or continue to pull due to the trees then moving with your line. If you have to cut the line, be careful after cutting so you don't get caught on the line now in the water.

  8. Details: 1

    Small indent that goes down to about 5 feet deep. The is a tree laying under the water, however it is suspended about a foot off the lake bottom. I haven't seen ...more any fish caught out of this indent in a while. Crapie used to call that their home but have moved on out along the shore. This area is good for catfish and carp at dusk. I advise caution if fishing off the bottom due to the suspended tree, and caution to any lures due to part of the tree being near the surface of the water on the left. If you get caught on the tree and pull, the tree will most likely roll around and your hook will either come out or your line will get wrapped around.

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    Stocked brown and rainbow trout - western Mercer County. From Shenango Lake dam base to Route 518 bridge - Public/U.S. Army Corps ownership.


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