Northmoreland Lake

Westmoreland - Pennsylvania

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West of Apollo just off of Route 356 this 17-acre lake offers a one-mile walking trail around the lake, boat rentals, playground, baseball fields, soccer fields, BMX track (for more information about the BMX track call 724-325-4939), restrooms, and a snac...

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Northmoreland Lake Fishing Reports

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  1. 12 in. Yellow Perch with a nightcrawler

  2. 17 in. Largemouth Bass with a Fly fishing Black Popper

    1. Noah Shapiro 0
  3. Bouncing a weighted free worm on the bottom in about 6'-0" of water. Picked up a nice 14" sm.

    2 lb. 2 oz. 15 in. Smallmouth Bass with a 3-1/2" weighted free worm

    1. Greg HALL 0
      I agree. I ve tried this twice with the same glitch.
    2. Andy Grizzle 0
      Maybe some sort of glitch with the site. I have seen this once before with the catch appearing at Keystone, but being caught somewhere else.
    3. Greg HALL 0
      Ok guys. I deleted the entire prior post, gary, and tried again. Not sure why it defaults and points to this lake after posting, and showing as kiski.
    4. gary stile 0
      he said he didn't know why it said that and deleted my comment
    5. Andy Grizzle 0
      If this fish was caught on the Kiskiminetas River, why is it posted under Northmoreland Lake?
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  4. My father in law caught a bass and a bluegill on the rapala countdown today silver and black

  5. Caught a couple bass here on the kayak nothing to woo hoo about only small fish here no more funding going in it except some trout.

    Great place for the children ...more though!

    1. gary stile 0
      Forgot about this they haven't done a report in three years so the wouldn't really know if its sustained or not. Fish die off every year in pa from the ...more winters we have.

      Largemouth bass
      170 3 – 14inches

      3 years ago though so nothing over 14 inches and nothing over 15 inches since 2000.

      ten pounder very rare
    2. gary stile 0
      Will let you know if I have any luck! idk about ten pounders in there though! That's way more possible in lake Arthur good luck
    3. Andy Grizzle 0
      I sent emails back and forth with the fish commision about this lake specifically and they told me that other than trout, the lake is considered to have a self-sustaining ...more fish population.
    4. Andy Grizzle 0
      There has to be some big bass in that lake. They probably never bite anything with a hook though. I remember when they drained lower deer lake and found around ...more 100 LM bass that were over 10lbs. Not to mention a whole bunch of other fish too. It too was a trout stocked lake. I bet if we'd fish big trout swimbaits we would catch some pigs at these smaller high pressure lakes. On the wooded side of NM lake almost across from the handicapped dock there is a log underwater at like 10 feet deep and about 50 feet from shore or so. I bet the big girls stack up on that this time of year. The lake is like a big bowl with very little in the way of structure. Any little thing will hold fish but the key is finding the deep hidden stuff underwater that no one else knows about and fishes. That is where the big girls hide.
    5. gary stile 0
      I don't know about canoes... they only stock some trout and that's about it just small fish left a bunch a blue gill and ive only seen about 7-9 inch bass ...more the last two years.
    6. Andy Grizzle 0
      No way?! About time that stupid rule changed. Did you even see any rangers when you visited? Seems like they cut a lot of funding here.
    7. gary stile 0
      Youre allowed to take out kayaks this year they even installed a kayak launch.
    8. Andy Grizzle 0
      So you took your own kayak out onto Northmoreland lake? And didn't get busted by a ranger? You lucked out if so because they would have fined you for doing so. ...more I watched a ranger cite a boy scout leader for taking a canoe out onto the lake. The ranger made the guy look like a murdering criminal in front of those scouts.
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  6. Attention: The Northmoreland park boathouse is closed and appears to have been since the close of last season. Not sure when it is opening, call before you go ...more to the boathouse.

    1. Andy Grizzle 0
      NM park boathouse phone: (724) 727-7616
  7. Details: 12 oz. 10 in. Largemouth Bass with a T-rigged 4" GP Chigger craW

    I seen a few LM bass cruising the shallows so I threw out the chigger craw. Caught a nice little 10" LM.

    1. Alexander Russo 0
      Do you know what kind of fish are in North Moreland Park?
  8. Details: trout, bass & panfish with a worm, rooster

    1. Alice Cooper 0
    2. gary gaydosik 0
      how deep is the lake
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