Lackawanna River (Lackawanna)

Lackawanna - Pennsylvania

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Don’t let the location of this small river in Lackawanna County fool you. The surroundings aren't the most aesthetic and the water doesn't look all that great in some places. But the wild brown trout grow big and the fishing is excellent. We'd venture to ...

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Lackawanna River (Lackawanna) Fishing Reports

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  1. best eating fish i ever had was wild brown trout from the lackawanna river! Delicious!

    Brown Trout with a fly

    1. 😂
    2. Mike A. 0
      Looks superbly prepared and delicious!
    3. That looks delicious Chris.👍👍👍👍
    4. Tim Crowley 0
      Looks incredible. I’ll catch 50 more this week for a nice fish fry. I’ll throw back all the small ones and we can cook the ones over 22”.
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  2. Tough fishing high waters with my son but we managed to hook five nice ones. Can’t wait for ice to melt off lakes.

    19 in. Brown Trout with a swimbait

    1. Ivan Raylyan 0
      Nice fish man!!!! 🐟
    2. Chad Jaco 0
      Nice one!!
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  3. After using body to plow through the chest deep snow found some open water and hungry trout today .

    Brown Trout

    1. David Snyder 0
      I’ve been fishing that river since it wasn’t even looked at as a trout fishery . As I look at you pictures I see it looks like you’re holding them with your fingers ...more inside the gill plate . That’s not a good thing .
      I also hope that these large breeder fish that you caught were released . Be a shame to take a young kid to a great river and have him or her be disappointed by not catching a fish . If you wanna show them off by mounting them . Take pictures and get a replica done and let the fish live for another day . I myself have let go at least 100 if not more this year already 24+ except for a few and where I go . It’s great to see them still there from myself and others practicing catch and release . If you eat trout . Eat the stocked ones . Best wishes and best of luck . Stay safe
    2. I'll stick to catching everything, like i always have; including fly fishing for dumb trout that just gorge on everything as you stand directly over them and ...more drift balls of fuzz haha, bit too lame for me to do more than a few times a year. you one trick ponies get no respect outside of your little niche groups. don't you think you're bitching and complaining will be more useful there? I just want to help you be successful in your goals. what do you catch? 5-6 little trout a year during the 3 months you deem worthy to fish and then spend the rest of your time on the internet crying about other guys' fish pics?
    3. Brien Hansen 0
      same here hahaha. and I know you probably do think I’m just one “deranged” guy but I promise you if these exact posts were made on an actual public place like insta ...more or fb and not some dark corner of the fishing world I would be one of 20 people blasting him for doing what he’s doing. and I’m not even saying blasting people in the comments is good but when it’s this bad there’s no way in hell I’m gonna be quiet. and anybody can whip spinners around and catch trout bro. it’s not hard. stick to ice fishing for bluegill.
    4. i'm getting paid while i'm doing this, so go for it... I enjoy berating deranged losers with no social skills, so i can do this all day haha. I especially ...more like catching trout right under fly fishermen's noses, maybe i'll see you out there some time.
    5. Brien Hansen 0
      so you’re spending all this time arguing just because you don’t like the way I’m criticizing someone who’s fucking up a fishery? well I don’t really care whether ...more you think it’s the right way to do it or not. this whole app is made for people who just burn spots and mangle fish and I was tired of seeing it. you keep saying calling someone out in public doesn’t accomplish anything, but sending a quiet message to ask nicely if someone will stop gilling 5lb trout will? guess we have differing opinions. so if you’re not defending what he’s doing then why are you still here? who’s the deranged one again? hahahah I can do this as long as you want buddy
    6. you're a deranged loser... I still have never ONCE even mentioned my opinion on how he handled the fish; that's all in your head because you have only one ...more intention... to try to seem better than everyone else... and now you're getting upset because you're failing miserably at it haha. someone needs to teach you social skills. I tried, but you seem pretty dense. let me spell it out for you again: send him a message if you want to talk to him because publicly blasting someone (especially from a nothing account) accomplishes NOTHING. The message button is right there in the drop down, you can figure it out. It's only a little harder than fly fishing haha.
    7. Brien Hansen 0
      Lacking social skills? like I’m gonna take pointers on social skills from some burnt out “Fishidy ambassador”. go get another bullshit sponsorship so you can sit ...more higher up on your horse. I’m done being respectful to people who defend this blatant mishandling of wild fish and very unneeded spot burning. This is exactly the difference between people who care about fisheries and people who don’t. the people who don’t just always seem to be spin guys.
    8. just trying to teach you some social skills since you're lacking... it probably stems from the false thoughts you have as a fly fisherman that you're better ...more than other anglers haha.
    9. Brien Hansen 0
      first of all, that’s not a stock image. I took that photo of a mature trout and put it up as an example of how they should be held. horizontal and in/near the water. ...more and I agree that big fish should not be overplayed. you think because I care about the fish that I’m a fly fisherman? well you’re exactly right hahah. and I looked for a place to send Tim a message trust me but this app is tough to work on. I only commented as a last resort. but ok maybe Tim is not purposefully disrespecting the fishery but he is and that’s not the end of the world as long as we can point out where he needs to improve. that’s it. but what’s really driving me crazy is how you think you’re part of this holy community on this app. I know that you know if these exact posts were put on insta with the location tagged too he would get absolute mountains of the same messages I’m sending right now. and that’s just the fact.
    10. oh cool, you put a stock internet trout photo on your profile... now we'll all care about what you have to say haha. you know how many times i've watched ...more a fly fisherman over play a trout and kill it? I wonder how much impact i would have stopping them from doing this by going on their fly fishing pages and posting to them. My point isn't what he or you are or aren't doing to fish you catch; my point is that you are going about it completely wrong and with zero information regarding this specific angler. why do you think you know where he is fishing, how do you know what section of the river he is fishing and if he is even where he posted he is. maybe he's keeping legal trout and not even releasing them all the time. If you actually thought Tim was disrespecting a fishery (which I can personally tell you he is NOT) you would have sent him a private message and had a normal discussion about it... but instead you got on your high horse and made a fool of yourself here.
    11. Brien Hansen 0
      ok get off the “contributing members” point. Just because you have a page with all your sponsors and hero shots doesn’t make your opinion any more valid. And I’m ...more not here just to “bust balls”. just pointing out the fact that there’s an ENTIRE FEED of mature wild browns getting gilled and rolled in the gravel. I was just pointing out that these fish need more respect than that or that river’s fishery will for sure take a hit for it. The amount of new anglers on that river in the last couple years is crazy and if everyone treated the fish like our guy here they won’t last long. Just asking for some common courtesy for wild fish that aren’t even recognized by the state and get ravaged on a daily basis. that’s it.
    12. Brien Hansen 0
      ok get off the “contributing members” point. Just because you have a page with all your sponsors and hero shots doesn’t make your opinion any more valid. And I’m ...more not here just to “bust balls”. just pointing out the fact that there’s an ENTIRE FEED of mature wild browns getting gilled and rolled in the gravel. I was just pointing out that these fish need more respect than that or that river’s fishery will for sure take a hit for it. The amount of new anglers on that river in the last couple years is crazy and if everyone treated the fish like our guy here they won’t last long. Just asking for some common courtesy for wild fish that aren’t even recognized by the state and get ravaged on a daily basis. that’s it.
    13. not even what the argument is... you have no respect here... you clearly made accounts just to bust balls. If you were contributing members with real profiles then ...more maybe you could have a conversation with people here. I can't stand people like you who contribute nothing to the fishing community except to get on your high horse and give people a hard time.... social skills 101. Even playing devil's advocate; what if he kept and ate that fish... who cares how the hell he held it...
    14. Derek Horst 0
      I'm tired of finding dead fish along this creek and others for that matter, undoubtedly from mishandling. These fish take years and years to get big. There is ...more no reason to not have a net and treat them respectfully and responsibly. Handling fish with your finger up their gill isn't an opinion of poor handling its a fact. look it up, you wouldn't shit on the table you eat at so why do it on the creek you enjoy fishing. Trout aren't bass or pike they deserve better quality control while being handled or they will die. Go fish stocked lakes if you can't understand that, those fish are stream bred not bucket dumped
    15. Brien Hansen 0
      Just looking for a little respect to wild fish that take a decade to get that big. I see big dead fish on that creek all the time from mishandling. I’ll take being ...more called a trout geek tho
    16. you'd think these trout geeks would at least make a legit, contributing, profile before running their mouths on here haha... let me get my popcorn.
    17. Brien Hansen 0
      This is a wild fish show some respect. fish don’t get that big when they’re gill raped for a selfie. Get a net and keep them in the water. it’s really not hard.
    18. Derek Horst 0
    19. Awesome fish
    20. ed cowan 0
      Trying to figure out winter trout fishing, generally don't trout fish and not really into ice fishing.
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  4. Hiked 3/4 mile through 24” of snow. First one down to spot in days. 3 trout in first four casts. Had high hopes for a record day and then only ended up with seven. ...more Of course the whale got away.

    Brown Trout with a Swimbait

    1. Man, this snow sucks!
  5. The fewest spots on a brown trout I have seen in a long time.

    Brown Trout with a Swimbait

    1. that is pretty cool that you do catch and release. I can't catch anything to eat it so I can't imagine releasing anything at this point unless I have to ...more LOL
    2. Keith Locke 0
      Damn man!!! You are a Trout catching MACHINE!!!
    3. Kyle Watry 0
      Wow, that is a very nice fish. I like it how you are a catch and release fishermen.
    4. Tim Crowley 0
      I’m 100% catch and release.
    5. what a beautiful fish. How'd ya cook it?
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  6. Only 3 in five hours this morning but all were big. 5” fresh snow from last night.

    Brown Trout with a Swimbait

    1. Tim Crowley 0
      I catch a number that size most weeks, just don’t post a bunch of pictures. Lackawanna River is an amazing fishery for having shopping carts, tires, trash everywhere.
    2. the quality of those trout is unreal!
    3. Robert Coleman 0
      Awesome fish, Great picture! 👍👍👍
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  7. Rough week fishing had only caught 7 trout in three days and got skunked river kayak bass fishing for first time this year. Today 14 degree wind chill trout were ...more active! Two of us caught 15 trout in a couple hours. Lost monster at bank 😡.

    Brown Trout with a Swimbaits

    1. Tim Crowley 0
      This year we caught 1 pickerel and about 20 smallmouth bass that come up from the Susquehanna River. I know people who have caught 3 & 4 lb smallmouth in Lackawanna. ...more mine have all been small.
    2. Keith Locke 0
      Hey Tim, silly question, but do you ever pull anything else out of the Lackawanna? Just wondering what other species are in the river.
    3. Good stuff!
    4. Keith Locke 0
      Damn man, Nice!!!!
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  8. Happy Thanksgiving!!!🦃 We had a heat wave here today 60 degrees. After eating turkey son and I caught some great trout.

    Brown Trout with a Rapala Original Floaters

  9. Hit Lackawanna River for two hours with one of my sons home from college. 20 trout in two hours a couple of beefy ones in the bunch. Only had my red rain gear in ...more truck, cold again but didn’t want trout to see me a mile away.

    Rainbow Trout with a Rapala Original Floaters

    1. awesome. i have to travel into pa to trout fish more often
    2. Rick Carey 0
      beautiful fish bud
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  10. Lackawanna River northeast Pennsylvania .

    Brown Trout

    1. Chad Jaco 0
      Nice one!!
    2. Rick S 0
    3. Keith Locke 0
    4. Tony Callies 0
      Awesome Brown - bet that was a fun ride
    5. Robert Coleman 0
      Another beauty Tim!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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