Lackawanna River (Lackawanna)

Lackawanna - Pennsylvania

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Don’t let the location of this small river in Lackawanna County fool you. The surroundings aren't the most aesthetic and the water doesn't look all that great in some places. But the wild brown trout grow big and the fishing is excellent. We'd venture to ...

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Lackawanna River (Lackawanna) Fishing Reports

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  1. Caught a Dozen brown natural trout today in flood waters. Lost the biggest trout I ever hooked. Had it on for about four minutes I tried chasing it out into current ...more and started getting washed down river in heavy current. Trout was wrapped around tree. Ended up turning into a possible life and death situation. Finally got to tree and trout broke off in flooded branches. Had very risky wade back across fast water over waist pushing me down river. Lost two giants today. Still alive to fish another day . Snow flurries .

    Brown Trout

    1. john stimson 0
      nice brown
    2. wear your inflatable pfd next time and get it!!!
    3. Keith Locke 0
      Damn man, Live to fish, don't DIE to fish!!!! Glad you made it!!
    4. George Horvath 0
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  2. Winter returned- sleet, rain, 12 mph winds, and 38 degrees. Hit a reservoir, pond, and river catching largemouth bass, brown trout, and giant sucker. Lost another ...more giant sucker on Rapala. When it surfaced in muddy water I had no idea what kind of fish I had on with large black stripe. Not sure what type of sucker it is?

    White Sucker with a Rapala Original Floaters

    1. it's giant whatever it is
    2. it’s a Chris P fish!!👍🏻
    3. Tim Crowley 0
      Saw some more giant suckers today couldn’t catch any.
    4. George Horvath 0
    5. Chad Jaco 0
      That's pretty cool Tim!!🎣
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  3. Lakes are frozen but river is flowing. 5 decent trout today. Felt like 12 with wind chills.

    Brown Trout with a Swimbait

    1. ed cowan 0
      I misread it I thought you were on the Lackawaxen
    2. Tim Crowley 0
      Most of Lackawanna River is open year round. If you are talking about exact mark on map I wasn’t fishing right there 😅
    3. ed cowan 0
      I find the trout regulations very confusing. I did think you could fish there right know? Nice fish!
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  4. Trying the new holding position. Unfortunately it shot out of my hands like a rocket 🚀. Guess I need to squeeze the belly tighter.

    Brown Trout

    1. in that case, well done!
    2. Tim Crowley 0
      It was 5 pounds heavier, I already squirted everything out of it.
    3. If it was big enough you could’ve squirted eggs or poop out of it, but this one’s a bit on the small side…
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  5. Killing them! Short hour long trip in area never fished before. Landed 7 native browns had another 7 hit in the crystal clear water.

    22 in. Brown Trout

    1. Tim, you triggered another geek...
    2. Dan Ganter 0
      Why do you and this Chris clown get mad when people recommend holding the trout different? Google “keep em wet” if you’re releasing. It’s not that hard. And this ...more Chris clown needs to realize most fly fisherman don’t think they are better than anyone. A lot of the famous fly guys mention they learned a lot from spin fishers. All we are saying is if you’re going to catch fish that are breeders - release them. So next year and 5 years from now we have fish to catch. We get it dude. You can catch big wild brown in the Lack. Posting and bragging about eating them is just sloppy. You just show up and start ripping these fish out - do you do anything good for the river? Or just take advantage of what other people do to ensure the fish can get that big? Think about it. If you kill 12 20+ browns a year and you fish that stream for 5 years that’s 60 big browns. How many big wild browns do you think live in there? Takes more than 5 years to get to 20+. Stop being a doosh and go buy fish at the super market if you wanna be a fat slob. Hope I see ya out there sometime.
    3. 😂
    4. Tim Crowley 0
      Had one on my last trout 🤪☠️
    5. i'm just here for the 'they're all dead' comments.... where those guys at? hahaha
    6. Tim Crowley 0
      Sounds good a lot of days I don’t post because the fish are too small.
    7. Keith Locke 0
      I have been living through you vicariously man, keep posting!! (Grin)....Beautiful fish!!!
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  6. Snow fishing, winter is here! Only 5 native browns today lost one big one.

    Brown Trout

    1. David Barkley 0
      Bro, why are you gilling these fish? If you are keeping them then whatever, but if you are releasing them it's horrible...
    2. Tim Crowley 0
      Helps warm you up
    3. Robert Coleman 0
      That'll do just fine! 👍👍👍👍👍
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  7. 67 Trout (native) in 5 hours for two of us!!!!!! Unbelievable action with shots at a couple 22-25” trout that followed our lures.

    Brown Trout

    1. Tim Crowley 0
      Next year we’ll hit it. Catch them all winter- won’t be catching 67 in a day but get a few good ones.
    2. kind of wish i got my PA license this year haha but the one year recently i got it i ended up just going once and it wasn't worth it
    3. Keith Locke 0
      That is a beautiful fish!!!
    4. Tim Crowley 0
      Each trout looks so different.
    5. Chad Jaco 0
      Nice one Tim!! Great colors!!
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  8. Decided to change it up and hit some trout fishing. Two of us caught 29 trout, a few "decent” ones. Unfortunately it looks like the only thing it ate all month ...more was my lure.

    22 in. Brown Trout with a Swimbait

    1. Dan Ganter 0
      No bug or virus hahaha. That’s a normal looking wild brown. Not all get fat and look like footballs. A lot of bigger browns have a more tapered look like that Kind ...more of annoying that you post these dumbass photos of you gilling fish. Hope you’re keeping them otherwise what’s the point. The fish has a cold so it isn’t fat like a football, great theory bahahahahah
    2. Keith Locke 0
      That's good to hear. Fat, healthy fish are always a good sign!!!
    3. Tim Crowley 0
      No majority are fat like footballs. Probably has some kind of virus/bug.
    4. Keith Locke 0
      Damn, that Trout really IS skinny...were they all like this?
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  9. Two of us caught 24 trout in the rain this morning. A couple good ones in the bunch.

    Brown Trout with a Swimbait

    1. Chad Jaco 0
      Nice one Tim!! Great color pattern!!
    2. Tim Crowley 0
      Thank you 🤠
    3. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Beautiful Trout Tim👍🏻👍🏻
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  10. Caught my bluest brown trout ever. Had light blue all the way down it’s side.

    Brown Trout with a Swimbait

    1. you're not too bright eh buddy haha
    2. Dan Ganter 0
      We don’t have native browns in PA either. They are wild though. And there’s absolutely zero chance you catch the wild browns he releases a minute later just downstream. ...more You two serious with this sh*t!?
    3. Christopher Pereira 0
      I've actually stood down stream of him randall and caught the fish he releases a few minutes later... they're pretty dumb to get caught repeatedly, but still ...more alive
    4. Randall Romig 0
      Do you kill all those big browns you catch? Apparently you do because any trout dies if you stick your fingers in their gills.
    5. Christopher Pereira 0
    6. Christopher Pereira 0
      we don't have native browns in NJ but the wild born ones have it like that, but just in the cheeks usually, like you said.
    7. Tim Crowley 0
      often the native browns have blue just on their cheeks.
    8. Christopher Pereira 0
      love that iridescent blue shine!
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