Hickory Run

Carbon - Pennsylvania

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This stream in Carbon County holds plenty of wild brown and brook trout. It ranges from 15 to 20 feet wide and has plenty of nice riffles and pools. Hickory Run begins east of the turnpike, flows through Hickory Run State Park and eventually empties into ...

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Hickory Run Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. 11 in. Brook Trout

    1. edd zarsky 0
      no I'll be cooking them. 3 Brooks and a brown
    2. Richard Bruns 0
      Edd, it doesn't look like you are going to release those fish. Nice group though.
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  2. Brook Trout with a rooster tail

    1. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Rainbow. Nice one !! Congrats
    2. Christopher Fidler 0
      Lots of lakes have private companies stock "lunkers" just like that. You will never find it written anywhere lol. I have caught 3 of the 4 stocked kinds ...more of trout (brook,brown,rainbow) and have seen but never caught the 4th (palomino), in the stream behind my house. The state website says they only stock browns lol. I'd say that makes it an even better catch!
    3. Matt Tarasewicz 0
      Chris & Rob, it's a stocked lake and they say it's only stocked with brooks, so that's what I was going on
    4. erin cramsey 0
      That's the ccc dam. You can see it at my YouTube channel. Erin dbs.
    5. Christopher Fidler 0
      i agree robert, big ole pink stripe. excellent catch!
    6. Robert Coleman 0
      That's a world class brook if it is. Looks like a bow???
    7. Matt Tarasewicz 0
      Not sure of the lakes name, it's at the end of shades of death trail. Caught it on the campground side back in the shallow corner behind the pine trees
    8. erin cramsey 0
      I live in hickory run. Where did you catch it
    9. Matt Tarasewicz 0
      He was dinner for a cousin
    10. Pete Garm 0
      that is the biggest brook I've ever seen. thats an old one, did you release it?
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  3. Details: Brown Trout with a worms

    many trout up to 14 inches

    1. Jimbo Harwood 0
    2. Jimbo Harwood 0
      I don't see any fish
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  4. Details: sand spring lake

    sand spring lake hickory run

  5. ccd in the park. lots of cats no trout

  6. Details: small cats up to 14 in. ccc dam with a worms

  7. free fall

    4 lb. 8 oz. 22 in. Rainbow Trout with a power worms

    1. robert cook 0
      Carbon county its a state park and they where all taken on a slow fall rubber worm
    2. Richard Montini 0
      Nice trout you caught. Where at in hickory run? We're you fly fishin?
    3. robert cook 0
      in one week i have landed 10 trout from this place over 4.5 lbs and have the pictures to prove it
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