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  1. I love fishing on week days, only guy on the ice!

    Yellow Perch

  2. 44"

    44 in. Muskellunge with a Sucker color Leo Jerk Bait

    1. Awesome catch! Congratulations!
    2. Scott Sorrell 0
      That's a beauty...nice job
    3. Chad Jaco 0
      Nice catch!!
    4. Dennis Itrich 0
      good job!!!
    5. Walt Hilliard 0
      Sweet. Give you credit us pansies are home watching Jerry Springer... your out fishing my hats off to you...🎩. πŸ‘
    6. way to go Jimmy!!!!! That’s huge
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  3. I found this guy a few days ago and blew it. Went back today and luckily got my hooks in him.

    Brown Trout with a rapala

    1. Chad Jaco 0
      Thank you Rick!!πŸ‘Š
    2. Rick S 0
      Thats a beaut Chad!
    3. Chad Jaco 0
      Thanks Shawn!!
    4. Nice one Chad!!
    5. Chad Jaco 0
      Thanks Josh!!πŸ‘Š
    6. way to stay after him! Nice one Chad!
    7. Chad Jaco 0
      Thank you Melissa!!😊
    8. Very Nice!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜
    9. Chad Jaco 0
      Thanks Jimbo!!
    10. Jimbo Harwood 0
      what a beauty! sweet catch! πŸ‘
    11. Chad Jaco 0
      Thanks Debbie!!
    12. Another beautiful brown!
    13. Chad Jaco 0
      Thank you B !!
    14. Chad Jaco 0
      Thanks Bryan!!πŸ‘ŠπŸŽ£
    15. b ripoer 0
      Really nice one.
    16. Bryan Harper 0
      Nice Male! πŸŽ£πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
    17. Chad Jaco 0
      Hell yeah!! Thanks Rick!!
    18. Rick Carey 0
      nice one Chad glad to see you got revenge..never give up buddy..sweet
    19. Chad Jaco 0
      Thanks Robert!!πŸ‘Š
    20. Awesome Brown Chad! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
    21. Chad Jaco 0
      You got that right!! Thanks Erich!!
    22. Erich Senft 0
      nice Chad ! love the comeback hookup. helps the next nights sleep hehe :)
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  4. After using body to plow through the chest deep snow found some open water and hungry trout today .

    Brown Trout

    1. Awesome fish
    2. ed cowan 0
      Trying to figure out winter trout fishing, generally don't trout fish and not really into ice fishing.
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  5. Largemouth Bass with a SPINNERBAIT

  6. Muskellunge with a LIve bait

    1. Good Lord that's a fish!!!
  7. 13" Largemouth bass caught using an 1/2 ounce Chrome/Blue Rapala Rattlin Rap

    1 lb. 2 oz. 13 in. Largemouth Bass with a Rapala Rattlin Rap

  8. Finally got around to launching from Little Boston and fishing the section of the Yough, above it. Started off cold as hell, and the bass didnt wake up till 12:30, ...more as temps warmed. Still, only hooked into 2, and landed just this one, as the first one came off at the boat.

    16.0 in. Smallmouth Bass with a Strike King 3XD

    1. Jim Holland 0
      Thanks guys. I think you're right, Rick. I need to switch to later in the day. So conditioned to looking for that morning bite.
    2. Frank Yamada 0
      nice River smallie, Jim
    3. Rick S 0
      Nice smallmouth Jim! I'm thinking about not going out in the mornings, let it warm a bit.
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  9. 15.0 in. Largemouth Bass with a Night Crawler

    1. Jerry Corliss 0
      I knew it was catch and release when they restocked it, which is fine. That's 99% of my fishing anyway. I am surprised it still is. I can't believe it's ...more been 5 years already.

      When they were draining it I got to walk out to some of the structures and actually retrieve some lures I had lost.

      The wife and I will probably head over there next weekend.
    2. Tom Kelley 0
      Jerry, they refilled it about 5 years ago. It is a catch and release lake and there are some bif bass in there
    3. Jerry Corliss 0
      Nice. I haven't been to Speedwell since they were draining it.
    4. Tom Kelley 0
      9 fish day- 6 were Bass. This is the biggest
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