North Fork

Summit - Ohio

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A section of the North Fork in Summit County, Ohio.

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North Fork Fishing Reports

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  1. Curious how to target bass in the Winter? Here’s a few tips from Team NCB member Adam DeBard: — “As creeks and rivers get colder in the Midwest and Northeast, they ...more become incredibly clear (unless after a storm). I like to drag the Hybrid-Skirt Casting Jig painfully slow without a trailer through deep wintering holes for Smallmouth bass. Craw colors like Molting Craw or Bold Craw tend to yield the best results. When it comes to Largemouth bass in reservoirs, there’s often much less visibility. I like to use the same style slow retrieve but with vibration style jig such as the Hybrid Vibe. I fish it just fast enough to get the blade to vibrate. I use a variety of colors however black and blue is often my go to.” #WinterFishing | #BassFishing | #NCB

    Largemouth Bass

  2. Vibration lures such as the NCB Hybrid Vibe are effective not only for Bass, but a variety of other species as well! The vibrations given off can attract a reactionary ...more bite from larger predatory fish that commonly feed on baitfish. Fish such as Pike, Musky, Crappie, Walleye, and Redfish will all react to a vibration style lure. 📸: Nathan Itao

    Largemouth Bass

    1. Nice fish
  3. Throwback Thursday.....literally! Catch and release is the best way to preserve the resource for future generations. Yes, harvest is sometimes the best management ...more practice. Regardless, conservation must remain a top priority for all outdoorsman if we are to continue enjoying the sport of fishing we all love.

    Largemouth Bass

    1. carl schulze 0
      cool pic
  4. What's your go to lure pattern during the fall? With the cooler temperatures comes unpredictable weather patterns. After a fall time storm that clouds up the ...more water, a vibrant pattern, such as black and red, can help catch the attention of hungry bass actively feeding in preparation for the cold months that lie ahead. -- Lure: Hybrid Vibe Pattern: Devil's Breath

    Largemouth Bass

  5. A few words of advice from NCB Angler Randall Downey: They eat the Hybrid Vibe. 😉

    Largemouth Bass

  6. Here is a little Monday motivation to help get you through the day! Anyone else still in pursuit of green fish this time of year?

    Largemouth Bass

  7. Here are a few insightful words from Chad Brock, owner of Bass Crazy 365, on how he selects a trailer when using the #NCB Hybrid Vibe: -- “I’ve found personally ...more that I catch bigger fish when using a trailing plastic when using the Hybrid Vibe. My go to trailer is the 412 Bait Co 3.5 Yoda. This trailer has a nice subtle action that works well with the Hybrid Vibes unique movements. Ill typically match the trailer as close as I can to the Hybrid Vibe. If I find that the fish are short striking, I will in most cases remove the trailer and fish as is or add a trailer hook depending on if the fish are keying in on the tail action or just looking for a smaller profile bait.”

    Largemouth Bass

    1. Anytime Debbie, thanks!
    2. Debbie F 0
      Beautiful pic, great info!
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  8. A little Sexy Shad anyone? We hope you are all getting out on the water and enjoying these last few weekends of nice weather before the winter (and hunting season)!

    Largemouth Bass

  9. Pairing the "Stick It" Hybrid-Skirt with a slim soft plastic makes for an effective and efficient flipping style lure. This setup can easily slip in and ...more out of tight cover while simultaneously giving off flare and movement, thanks to the "Stick It" screwed into the back end. Pictured is our Summer Gill pattern.

    Largemouth Bass

  10. Another day another lunker for Stacy Eichelberger! He has been filling his livewell with trophies all summer. What’s his secret? An NCB Hybrid Vibe in “Super-Gill” ...more pattern.

    Largemouth Bass

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