LaDue Reservoir

Geauga - Ohio

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The reservoir is situated in an area of glacial deposits characterized by numerous kames and small relict glacial lakes and ponds. The lake bed retains the humps of the surrounding land. Aquatic vegetation is scarce, and consists mainly of milfoil and cur...

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LaDue Reservoir Fishing Reports

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  1. Flathead Catfish

    1. A monster! Use a whole chicken for bait?
    2. nice fish
    3. nice fish
    4. Connie Demers 0
    5. awesome catfish, congrats on the win
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  2. Catfish out of LaDue

    Channel Catfish

  3. Catfish caught out of ladue

    Flathead Catfish

  4. Only 2, lots of bluegill [sploogies].
    Caught 18 crappie last Saturday.
    Water getting warm.

    11 in. White Crappie with a Black curly tail jig w/ live minnow & maggot combination.

    1. bob shat 0
      some good eating there nice!
  5. pulled this out tonight.

    1. Gary Zsigrai 0
      I'm pretty sure it was a dead battery that was dumped in the lake.
      It was no more than 10' off the shoreline.
      LaDue shoreline is a dumping ground for ...more all types of trash.
      There are 2 broken plastic lawn chairs not shown in the photo.
      They were there for over a month.
      The battery was not picked up for at least 3 weeks.
      Iij had to call Geauga County Parks Services to finally get it picked up.
      There is talk of shutting all shoreline access to this lake.
    2. Chuck Earls 0
      Thank you for helping remove the trash

      Everyone else: Ever consider that maybe someone's boat sunk at some point and that's how the battery got there ...more vs someone dumping it there? It is an electric only lake. Cant imagine someone taking a battery to the lake to dump it when they can take it to the scrap yard and at least pay for the gas to get rid of it. Just saying
    3. Dennis Lewis 0
      Now job on picking up others peoples shit! People make me sick!
    4. Jeremiah Wattigny 0
      Chance ... I'd hate to piss you off ! I honestly can't believe people
    5. Chance Haux 0
      Wtf!!!! stuff like that is why privately owned ponds and land with stream access get closed. thank you for pulling that crap out. someone needs a big ass crank ...more bait stuck between their "cheeks " with a 50 pound baby sturgeon attached other end
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  6. Details: Silver Perch with a Worm

  7. 7 lb. Channel Catfish with a crawler

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