Caesar Creek Lake

Warren - Ohio

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At normal summer pool the lake covers 2,607 acres, fed by a drainage area of 237 square miles, and has 40 miles of shoreline. Deepest lake in Ohio, with a normal water depth of 115 feet near the dam. Most of the bays contain standing timber and brush, w...

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Caesar Creek Lake Fishing Reports

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  1. caught several crappie and bluegill, all went back swimming

    Black Crappie

  2. 53 crappies, 19 gills, 1 9 lb blue cat and 1 small bass on slip bobbers fishing 10 ft down in depth of 13 to 20 ft. minnows and wax worms, also lindy frostee spoon ...more under boat caught numerous fish, kept these for supper

    White Crappie with a Lindy Frostee Jigs

    1. Dave Jerry 0
      Fishing straight down under the boat, use my ice sonar unit when I am anchored
  3. Trolling..1.8 mph, fishing for Crappie?

    30.0 in. Muskellunge with a Flicker Shad

    1. Andy waddle 0
      nice fish
    2. Bob Desgrange 0
      What a surprise. Great caught
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  4. Starting Labor Day weekend off right!

    17 in. Saugeye

    1. Andy waddle 0
      nice fish
  5. 13 in. Largemouth Bass with a whooper plopper

    1. Bobby Rivers 0
      Is that the campground where the island in front before you get to new marina on right and bridge?
    2. David Haft 0
      Nice bro! My mom's maiden name was Rizzo, lol....
    3. Nicholas Rizzo 0
      they have pads around the boat camping area on the Dam side
    4. Bobby Rivers 0
      Just moved to xenia, are there pads on Ceasears? I run a 18 foot Ranger with 150 merc , trying to find some areas with pads and grass.
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  6. 17 in. Largemouth Bass with a whooper plopper

    1. Nicholas Rizzo 0
      yes this spring I did well but to many boats right now I prefer fish during the week or at night. I’ve always done well off the docks at any of the ramps at night. ...more But you got to get there early if you want a spot
    2. Creek Warrior 0
      Ever do any crappie fishing at CC?
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  7. Bank fishing does have its advantages!

    23.0 in. Saugeye with a crankbait

    1. Buddy Pierce 0
      real nice fish!!!
  8. Freshwater Drum with a nightcrawlers

  9. White Bass

    1. Joseph Hudak 0
      looks like a drum my dude
    2. Ron Terrell 0
      Looks like a fresh water drum idk
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  10. Caught 5 2-3 lb bass in one hour between 9:30 and 10:30 September 24th on nightcrawlers and with an open-face reel and number 4 hooks.

    Largemouth Bass with a Nightcrawler

    1. Edward Louks 0
      the last time I checked you can keep and eat bass legally! Great job! Anyone whos says differently should really mind their own business.
    2. Andrew Noonan 0
      Absolutely no reason to be keeping bass. Put em back. Start crappie and saugeye fishing if you want to eat.
    3. James George 0
      I did some research and learned that bass never stop biting so long as you can reach them. I am headed back here on October 9th on a cool sunny morning after two ...more days of rain.
    4. Cindy Prosser 0
      Your narrative allows me to actually see it in my mind! great catches and I bet it tasty!
    5. James George 0
      Fish fry alternative

      I went fishing and caught five largemouth bass in one hour. That is the limit. Last night, I battered and fried fish for two. Fresh bass ...more is delicious, even tolerating my laps of skill in filleting them.

      I don't have a fish scaler anymore and used a vegetable peeler instead. That substitute worked alright. Everyone knows that when you eat fish, you might encounter a bone.

      While cleaning the fish, I threw the heads and bones into a pot with boiling water and Kosher salt to make a fish broth. I strained the bones and had a clear broth.

      With a large quantity of fish on hand, I decided to make bouillabaisse inspired by a recipe from Julia Child. We have used the method for over forty years with various modifications based on seafood available.

      Besides seafood, a central ingredient is fennel. I also use celery, onion, and bell pepper. Small potatoes are used, not pasta. Julia favors herbs de Provence. Chopped tomatoes are a necessity and fish broth.

      I poached the bass in butter.

      Julia serves the broth in a bowl and adds the seafood on top. That way, the seafood (fish in this case) stays intact and is exceptionally presentable.
    6. James George 0
      Fishing at Caesar Creek Lake, Ohio, Late September

      The summer temperature lingers well into September in southern Ohio. Rain is sparse too. Waterways are stagnant, ...more and it isn't pleasant to endure oppressive heat. On September 25th, the morning temperature was 57 degrees with a slow climb in the forecast.

      With cooler temperatures and the moon and tide chart indicating fish would bite at 09:31 am, I made a plan to be there one hour before.
      The location is Caesar Creek Lake near the overlook in one of the park sites where there is a flushed toilet.

      I waved off the amenities, and at 71 years, I carried my army camp stool, bait, tackle and fishing poles off the human-made gravel path and through the woods. The climb up and down ranged between the equivalent of a six-story building.

      WIth the bushes and trees losing their leaves, it isn't too difficult to navigate down to the water's edge. Here I have been visiting for nearly forty years.

      As with most of the places along this lake, it contains limestone rocks and lots of rotten stumps and tree limbs. The fish love it, though that is a continuing challenge to anglers.

      The numerous obstacles are to my right. The dam's deepest water is to my left marked by buoys. I have chosen a spot where I can cast straight out into the deep water.

      I have two poles, an open-face and a closed-face reel. I am fishing with 8 lb test monofilament. I used a bobber rig on the closed-face pole and am fishing on the bottom with the open-face.

      Initially, I used number 4 snelled hooks. Fish were biting immediately. The trouble was, they were stealing the nightcrawlers and getting me snagged. I lost the rigs several times stuck. I saw small bluegills in the water and suspected them. Also, there are crawdads in the rocks that pull the bait into crevasses.

      At about 9:45 am, I caught my first fish on the open-face from the bottom. It wasn't what I wanted, a healthy-looking 3 lb drum. Still, I always keep the first fish and put it on the stringer. Why?

      I believe that a fish in the water attracts other fish to the location. I can't prove it, but it seems to work.

      In a few minutes, the closed-face Zebco with the bobber rig took off while clicking as I had it set. I grabbed the pole and reeled fast to pull the fish from escaping toward the limbs in the water. I caught it, a 3 lb largemouth bass.

      I switched to a smaller number 4 hook on the open-face. I used a small weight and as soon as it hit the top of the deep water, bam, another strike. I set the hook and caught another 2 lb bass.

      I retired to one pole and continued with the open face. I caught the limit of five bass and 10 lb plus fish before 11:15 am.

      Last night, we had a delicious fish fry. I made fish broth from the heads and bones and will make bouillabaisse tonight for dinner. (That's fish stew).
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