Rice Lake

Ward - North Dakota

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An outstanding walleye, northern pike and perch fishery. Average depth of 9 feet, maximum depth of 34 feet.

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Rice Lake Fishing Reports

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  1. How thick is the ice? Do I need to put my extension on?

    1. Bill Mitchell 0
      Lake Darling up at Grano Crossing and Greene Crossing are very slow right now. The lake is down probably near two feet I would guess from looking at the water lines ...more on the rocks on the banks of the lake. I have fished off from the Grano bridge a few times so far this Spring and neither time after about two to three hours time there did I even get a bite from a fish. Very disappointing days. Don't know what the problem could be use to be very good Walleye fishing off from the Grano bridge. The Canadians aren't releasing a whole lot of water downstream to Lake Darling either due to the drought and low water tables within the two reservoirs feeding down to Lake Darling. As far as how the fishing has been out on Lake Darling with a boat goes right now I haven't heard anything positive or to be outstanding in any way yet for catching fish around Grano or Greene Crossings.
    2. chad rubbelke 0
      Be careful. Sunday I drove out and pulled the house but the access point had about 3ft deep water quite a ways out. When the boat ramp starts opening up usually ...more the whole east side starts to get pretty thin so be careful, make sure to stay west
    3. nolan kadrmas 0
      it's roughly 22-26 inches. was there on Saturday
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  2. How is the fishing at this lake? Just heard about it was wondering if it is worth the drive from Minot!?

    1. Bill Mitchell 0
      Fishing from shore below the Lake Darling dam on the Mouse River is slow to non existing with Lake Darling low on water and that means the dam does not release much ...more water into the lower river downstream so the water is like a dead loop and becomes slow and kind of stagnant and that produces no fish much at all. Fishing below the dam now is very very slow and non productive of edible fish. When the dam is open and dumping fresh water downstream below the dam the fishing from shore there can be very rewarding for Walleye's and Pike. Very nice fishing below the dam area with two handicapped fishing piers and a vault restroom available. Very well kept area for fishing or for picnics and Nature trails. Easy fishing from the river bank all along the river to up nearer the dam. Not a whole lot of shaded areas but at times, great fishing! If the dam is open and fresh water from the upper lake is flowing downstream the below the dam area is a clean well kept fun place to be and for great fishing.
    2. Bill Mitchell 0
      Ice fishing some nice fish taken cookie cutter Walleye's 14 to 18 inches last winters ice for the months of Dec. thru February a little of March. Worth the ...more drive for some out of the Minot area for the day.
    3. Bill Mitchell 0
      From shore it tends to stink, from a boat fishing appears to be slow at times but produces some nice fish. Walleye's and Pike mainly.
    4. jeff bickley 0
      Worth the drive if you like pike fishing
    5. Jeremy Johnson 0
      Thanks for the info!
    6. chad rubbelke 0
    7. Jeremy Johnson 0
      No walleye in that lake?
    8. chad rubbelke 0
      Slow for northern and maybe a perch here and there.
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  3. Details: Perch

    1. Bill Mitchell 0
      McGregor Dam fishing pier? Where located on the map?

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