Long Island Sound West

Nassau - New York

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Long Island Sound is an estuary bordered by Connecticut and Westchester County, NY to the north, New York City to the west, and Long Island, NY to the south. It is approximately 110 miles long and 21 miles across at its widest point. An estuary is where s...

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Long Island Sound West Fishing Reports

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  1. This fish was caught by Gary Depoe - the “Captain”

    42 lb. 7 oz. 43 in. Striped Bass with a Bunker

    1. Dennis Normoyle 0
      Please learn “HOW TO READ!” 2018. 2018. 2018. 2018. Thanks!
    2. Robert Yacoub 0
      How on earth has he kept this fish? It’s totally illegal and immoral.
    3. jeff mcelroy 0
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  2. 21 in. Striped Bass with a chunk

    1. Mike Dean 0
      Nice! Been some good fish over there. Wonder if this is the year the full moon curse gets broken.
  3. Long Island Sound

    Stripped Bass with a Bunker Chunks

    1. Dennis Normoyle 0
      Nice - weight?
    2. Mike Dean 0
    3. jeff mcelroy 0
    4. Brian Paige 0
      Was caught by Drew Russo. Not Brian Paige
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  4. I love just seeing a post from the sound check out my page you'll see southshore fatties and inland stripers from smith point bridge bluefish blitz on Shinnecock ...more jetty

  5. Details: greenwich (Todd 's) point

    Good sized porgies

  6. After many shorties... finally got a keeper!

    2 lb. 19 in. Summer Flounder with a bucktail

    1. Robert ingle 0
      fish fry
  7. First fish of the season. Pool fish.

    23 lb. 39 in. Striped Bass with a bunker chunk

  8. Details: kayak launch

    $20 a year

    1. Alex Rios 0
      Go to http://www.friendsofreadwildlifesanctuary.org/pages/membership. To get your pass
    2. Alex Rios 0
      Your Welcome
    3. Nevin Stoltzfus 0
      Thanks Alex
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