Hudson River (Albany)

- New York

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Hudson River (Albany) Fishing Reports

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  1. Details: Sheepshead

    1. Laine Dillard 0
      Nice freshwater drum
    2. jakewade 0
      Nice drum
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  2. @doug00g. It's an American Shad!! Holy **** get over it your wrong!!!!

    1. Brandon alt 0
      Chiiiillll gang
    2. fishingthe518 0
      But the American shad migrate up the Hudson River every spring along with the herring and stripers. No skipjacks which are in the tuna family migrate up the Hudson ...more River so doug00g you are very wrong
    3. 518fishing 0
      ^^^ @doug00g
    4. fishingthe518 0
      They look somewhat similar but doug00g you are very wrong skipjacks can be found near the southern gulf. I was there when we caught this AMERICAN SHAD. We caught ...more about 20 others along with that one.
    5. fishingthe518 0
      This guy stupid or something that picture is a shad haha
    6. 518fishing 0
      Top is skipjack. Middle is american Shad. Bottom is mine. @doug00g
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  3. Details: American Shad

    Nice shad while striper fishing last year with fishingthe518!! Can't wait for the up coming season!!

    1. 518fishing 0
      He shouldn't be saying shit if he doesn't know. He posted a thing trying to make me look like a retard but then I proved his ass wrong and he deleted it ...more and hasn't responded since @TennesseeTroutboy
    2. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      Ya I don't think skipjack are that far north anyways but go easy on him it was a mistake
    3. 518fishing 0
      Either way he's wrong it's an American Shad. @TennesseeTroutboy
    4. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      He means by skipjack herring
    5. 518fishing 0
      Look up a Shad and you will see that I am correct @doug00g
    6. doug00g 0
      Go on the Internet and type in skipjack freshwater fish, u will see that I am correct
    7. 518fishing 0
      It's a shad. I know my species. A skipjack is a type of tuna and looks nothing like that. @doug00g
    8. King_Fisher 0
    9. doug00g 0
      It's really big though
    10. doug00g 0
    11. fishingthe518 0
      That was a fun day
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  4. Details: American Shad

    Nice shad striper fishing last year with fishinginthe518!!

  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Alabama rig

  6. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a Striped bass rod + reel

    Going to bass pro this weekend. Any recommendations for striped bass rods and reels for fishing off of piers in NY?

    1. halfandhalf 0
      I use a Penn Spinfisher 4500 and a Cabelas Salt Striker rod. The rod isn't that great but for a decent rod, the Striper Ugly Stik for like 40 bucks is a nice ...more rod.

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