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  1. A great morning on the lake. Constant fish all morning and went thru 3 dozen bait. No monsters but all fun to fight

    Hybrid Bass

    1. Fisher Dad 0
      Hybrid are great fun bc they are one of the best fighters once for ounce - love to catch them on my ultralight with 4lb mono
  2. Hybrid Striped Bass

    1. Ralph, did you catch this while boating or from shore? Do most people keep and eat these? Thanks.
    2. Nice
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  3. No big ones wanted their pic taken 😑

    Northern Pike with a 8" swimbait

    1. One of them at least…
    2. Lol! Love Pike fishing!🎣🤙
    3. Pinky in clear view..... he's safe! 😁😂🤣😂🤣
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  4. 7 lb. 12 oz. 33 in. Northern Pike with a Gary Yamamoto Original Senko Worms

    1. Pat Gale 0
      Thanks much. Good to know.
    2. gene lally 0
      yes can fish from the shore around the area if the boat ramp
    3. Pat Gale 0
      Can you fish from the bank or do you need a boat?
    4. Nice
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  5. large mouth bass with a nightcrawler

    1. Nice
  6. The bite was terrible…. The more experienced tile fishermen couldn’t hook up at all but i was lucky enough to nab my first one ever! Small and delicious! 600 ft ...more of water 😳 haha

    Golden Tilefish with a Bait

    1. one tile fish split between 3 guys didn't leave much to share hahaha no not mark's boat, he hasn't been out in weeks.... missed some insane tuna fishing
    2. Was that on Mark's boat?
    3. Nice catch buddy. Where is my fillet?
    4. Thanks
    5. Chris Haas 0
      nice catch
    6. Yeah it looked pretty surprised to come up out of 600 ft depths 🤣
    7. Scott Sorrell 0
      The fish is making one of those weird faces like you usually do...😁😁😁😜🤣
    8. Hell, he uglier than you! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    9. Mike A. 0
      Now you’re fishing! 600 feet of water? Damn!
    10. Bryan Harper 0
      Nice! Crazy looking fish!🎣🤙
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  7. 4 lb. 25.0 in. American Pickerel with a Rapala Husky Jerk

    1. Outstanding
  8. Was fishing from the statue at the mouth of the harbor as the tide was coming in. I took my weight of and let my bait (frozen clam), be taken into the bay. The shark ...more hit it hard and put up a great fight.

    42 in. Atlantic Spiny Dogfish with a Frozen Clams

  9. 6 lb. 2 oz. 13 in. Largemouth Bass with a Gary Yamamoto Original Senko Worms

    1. Thomas Boyce 0
      C'mon buddy. There's no way a 12-13 in bass weighs 6 lbs. Plenty of sites to estimate weight of bass. That size doesn't get over 1.5lbs let alone anywhere ...more near 6.
    2. Timothy Lynn 0
      going off of previous catches. didn’t have a scale cause I was on a kayak in my brothers lake but it was every bit north of 6lbs buddy
    3. Timothy Lynn 0
      going off of previous catches. didn’t have a scale cause I was on a kayak in my brothers lake but it was every bit north of 6lbs buddy
    4. Scott Sorrell 0
      Must have a 6 pound lead ball in way that is 8 pounds.
    5. Robert Coleman 0
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    This lake has a maximum depth of 85 feet, with an average depth of 43 feet. Loc ated in Long Pond I...


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