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  1. My wife loves to fish

    Brown Trout with a Rapala with Pro Cure Super Trout gel

    1. Nice brown! Love fishing Hebgen. Having Montana withdrawals...:))
    2. Noah Shapiro 0
      Wow that's a beaut
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  2. Details: Rainbow Trout

    1. Dan Olsen 0
      Eric I am going to fish Martinsdale for the 1st time soon what can you tell me? I have a nice boat. Thanks, Dan
  3. fishing was so slow

    21 lb. 38 in. Northern Pike

    1. fishing may have been slow but that one is worth waiting for tight lines
  4. Smallmouth Bass with a Jerk bait

    1. Robert Coleman 0
      Nice Smallie! 👍👍👍
  5. Details: 21 in. Lake Trout with a 3/4 Oz Yellow with Red Spots Panther Martin- Silver Blade

    21" LAKE TROUT, Trolling 60 feet line using a 2 Oz Bottom Bouncer rig, 3/4 Oz Yellow with Red Spots Panther Martin- Silver Blade , 2.4 MPH TROLLING SPEED.

    1. Bill Parson 0
      My Wife and I have better Luck at Tally than Fly's, Ashley, Little Bitter Root, etc. in the Kalispell area. Best performer for us has been Yellow Panther Martins ...more with either silver or gold blades and Red species. Blade color seems to be "Try silver or gold blades" and see what they want that day. Smallest size gets more hits (Salmon and Trout), next size up seems to get larger size trout; rarely Salmon. We also have success with either yellow or pink 2.5 to 3" spoons; but they twist the heck out of your line. All of this is trolling at idle (Suzuki 15 HP on a 12ft aluminum boat) along the Western and Southern Shore banks, 15 to 20 foot from shore on out to a hundred feet from shore. Depths of 8 feet to 30 feet are best producers. The easterly and Northern shores have been poor performers for us. Most fish are in the Creek outflow, but they seem to be 30 to 90 feet deep! Currently Tally is very turbid and High Water due to snow melt so we have not been fishing it yet. Come late June & early June performance drops off and you have to get out early when sun is just cresting the mountains to avoid heat and direct sun when the fish sea to drop to deer water. The underwater peninsula points, and area of down trees are good producers as they provide cover and small bait fish for feed.
    2. How is Tally for fishing never put any energy in it. . close to home with a nice campground. would be nice to go for a few days and catch a few.


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  6. Details: Rainbow Trout

      A very slow midsummer this year, fewer fish are out and about with such warm surface water temperatures. Anyone have a bead on the location of any springs? I suspect ...more they're hugging those. Disappointing caddie hatches so far. Millions of damsels, though.

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