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  1. After painting a bass today I came out for a little study session. Nice little chunk was fun.

    15 in. Largemouth Bass with a Whopper Plopper

    1. Debbie F 0
      Bill, I have a little work left on it and then I will post it. Thank you sir!
    2. Bill Fussell 0
      I can't wait to see that one!!! Hope you show it to us ma'am :)
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  2. Caught a bunch of Bluegill today for a friend that can no longer fish. He was thrilled to get them and I was happy to share! What a great day! 😊

    10 oz. 10 in. Bluegill with a Chartreuse Beetle Spin

    1. It's great when you can help someone out that cant do it for themselves!! Very nice Debbie!!
    2. Debbie F 0
      Dennis it sure is. Thanks!
    3. Dennis Keffer 0
      That's the good stuff right there Debbie, Good for you!
    4. Debbie F 0
      Thank you Capt, Bill and Randy! It was defiantly a feel good day. 😀
    5. Randy M 0
      It's great when someone appreciates it! And you got to have the fun of catching them!!
    6. Bill Fussell 0
    7. WTG Debbie!!!
    8. Debbie F 0
      Thank you Robert and Walt. Such a win win situation 😀
    9. Walt Hilliard 0
      Great way to help someone deserving...
    10. That's awesome Debbie! Kudos to you! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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  3. Found just a few. Left several in the woods because I only had 3 bags.. Lol

    common morel

    1. b ripoer 0
      nice find
  4. Yesterday's take. It was a mixed bag. The gills came on crickets Surface water temp. Was 63 DEG. Fish were caught in eight feet of water five feet deep forty ...more feet from the bank in coontail.

    Black Crappie with a Electric chicken tipped with a shinner

  5. My brother hooked this one. Stick bait on drop shot. Long Creek arm. In the trees.

    Largemouth Bass

  6. Caught several very close to the bank. Grabbing it about 2-3 foot out in murky water.

    14 in. Largemouth Bass with a chartreuse spinner

    1. Bill Fussell 0
      It will definitely be more challenging then :)
    2. Debbie F 0
      Thanks Bill. Hopefully catch it again in 4 or so years lol.
    3. Debbie F 0
      Hah Josh! Well I though Id try to catch some bass. Just babies next to your bass catches!
    4. Bill Fussell 0
      Nice fish there ma'am :)
    5. Thats not a Crappie lol.Good Bass Debbie
    6. Debbie F 0
      Thank you Capt! Slow spring so it felt good!
    7. Nice bass Debbie
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  7. My a friend of mine sent me this of one of his buddies. Caught in the first week of February.

    9 lb. 9 oz. Brown Trout with a Flicker shad in rainbow trout color

    1. Noah Shapiro 0

Popular Waterways

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  • Fox River

    A section of the Fox River in Clark County, Missouri.


  • Bull Creek

    A section of the Bull Creek in Taney County, Missouri.


  • Table Rock Lake

    Table Rock Lake is one of the nation's premier fisheries with largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass gaining significant attention from anglers. Fishermen are reminded to check with local authorities...


  • Lake Wappapello


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