Lake Cedar

Hennepin - Minnesota

  • 16 catches


  • 2 spots

Cedar Lake is a 163 acre lake located in the Minneapolis Chain of Lakes. These lakes are heavily impacted by the surrounding city. Storm water runoff impairs water quality. Numerous water quality improvement projects have been implemented, minimizing imp...

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Lake Cedar Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. 15 lb. Common Carp with a oatmeal

  2. Checked out the holding pond off of France ave near cedar lake. Loaded with carp too

    Pumpkinseed with a 3" wacky worm

    1. LaGerald Michaelson 0
      Is the holding pond Twin Lake?
  3. 1 lb. 8 oz. Largemouth Bass with a 6 inch havoc bottom hopper in watermelon red, unweighted

    1. Joshua Fetzek 0
      I usually do pretty well off that long point on the west side, the beach without a lifeguard tower... Caught 5 there between 5 and 7pm yesterday out of my float ...more tube
    2. Sue Duval 0
      I'm getting more and more jealous of your bass catches! Tell me more about where you're catching them? I live just near South Beach.
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  4. 3 lb. 18 in. Largemouth Bass with a black spinnerbait

  5. Tiger Muskellunge with a sucker

    1. Joshua Fetzek 0
      Beautiful fish! I love that spot. I've caught some huge fish out by that drain. Especially after it rains
  6. 2 lb. Largemouth Bass with a storm lipless crank

    1. Richard Hewitt 0
      So I was talking to this guy and he says he likes to fish the sand flats off the west side beach early around sunrise. He says bass and pike tend to be there shallow ...more in the morning and before the swimmers go
    2. Richard Hewitt 0
      yup that's a good spot
    3. Zach Burton 0
      Nice fish man!
    4. Joshua Fetzek 0
      It was right around that point in the weed edge. My phone gets shit reception on the lake so I wasn't using the map... Just following the edges of the thickest ...more weeds I could find.
    5. Sue Duval 0
      Agree. Where did you catch this beauty?
    6. Richard Hewitt 0
      you should mark the location on the map ;) did you catch it off the sunken hump by the sandy point on the west side of the lake?
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  7. 1 lb. 13 in. Largemouth Bass with a Scatter Rap Crank Deep 05 (blue green)

  8. 1 lb. Largemouth Bass with a Blue Spinner

    1. Joshua Fetzek 0
      That is a largemouth bass. The twin cities chain doesn't contain any smallmouth. But nice fish tho that bay has a ton of em in it!
  9. 24 in. Northern Pike with a Spoon

    1. Joshua Fetzek 0
      There are lots of pike in all the twin cities lakes. Both pure strain and hybrid tiger muskies too.
    2. Shane Hernandez 0
      I definitely haven't seen many pike there, but there is/was at least one. I'm still trying to locate the picture though.
    3. Sue Duval 0
      I live in Cedar Lake and have been told that there are no northern pikes in there. I thought I caught one but was told it was a Muskie.
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  10. Largemouth Bass with a Hook and leach

    1. Joshua Fetzek 0
      That is a largemouth. There aren't any smallies in the twin cities chain of lakes but there all over in the river downtown.

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