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  1. 1 lb. 10 in. Black Crappie with a Mister Twister Curly Tail Grubs

  2. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Gary Yamamoto Original Senko Worms

  3. 1 1/2 oz weight with 18” line and spinner with a minnow.

    22 in. Walleye with a minnow

    1. Nice one ☝️
  4. Another dink. This time a bit bigger.

    1 lb. 6 oz. 12 in. Smallmouth Bass with a panfish jig with worm

    1. Nice one ☝️
    2. good catch, bet he fought well
    3. nice catichu
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  5. Nice haul of crawfish .


    1. Wow 😮
  6. Details: 3 lb. Largemouth Bass with a white spinner

  7. “That will make a Pickle!” We don’t know how to filet the Y bones out of pike, so they don’t get fried in our camp. We do like to make pickled fish though, and ...more the pickeling process dissolves the bones.

    21 in. Northern Pike with a Shad Rap

    1. Laurel Glisky 0
      @Rick - I suggest keeping and making Pickled Pike! (I don’t bother with putting the spice in cheesecloth. I dump it right in the jar, and will sometimes add sliced ...more red/orange bell pepper strips. https://www.outdoorlife.com/recipe-how-to-pickle-northern-pike/?amp
    2. Rick Carey 0
      I've heard that .don't catch that many of them only by mistake..lol..have to keep one some day an try it..thanks robert
    3. Meat is white and flaky! Ranks right up there with walleye Rick..... imo😁👍🏻 Delicious
    4. Rick Carey 0
      Roberts right video where you get 3 PCs of fillets or meat outta fish..all on you tube..I've never done it but doesn't look too bad at all..I let them go ...more an stay with walleye etc..good suggestion Robert ..you post alotta great fish an know your stuff
    5. Lots of quick YouTube videos on it. It's actually pretty easy once you see how it's done. No meat wasted either. Take a look at a couple if you want to try ...more doing it sometime.
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  8. Jig with gulp 16 feet of water. Has beautiful colors.

    7 in. Pumpkinseed with a Fiskas Wolfram Crappie Balance Jigs

    1. nice shelp
    2. Tim Crowley 0
      Beautiful fish love how they can look tropical. I used to fish Lake Harriet awesome lake. Saw over 30 Muskie one day canoeing around it after ice out.
    3. Nice 😊
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  9. Details: Bowen Lodge Cutfoot Sioux

  10. Details: 2 lb. 8 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Swim jig

Popular Waterways

The most active fishing spots in Minnesota

  • Lake of the Woods SW


  • Bald Eagle Lake

    Building a trophy muskie fishery. 25-pounders have been caught.


  • Medicine Lake

    Most anglers fish the lake for panfish. Nice Bluegill and Crappie populations. Largemouth Bass, No...


  • Lake Minnetonka

    Lake Minnetonka is a metropolitan lake surrounded by 15 other communities. Several high-profile bass tournaments have brought national recognition to Minnetonka's outstanding largemouth bass fishery. ...


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