Peavy Pond

Iron - Michigan

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Part of The Wilderness Shores Area, this lake (2400 acres) is best for fishing walleye, perch, northern muskellunge, and northern pike. The water averages 25' with some deeper areas around. Lots of under water humps, cliffs, and islands for structure. ...

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Peavy Pond Fishing Reports

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  1. 2 lb. 15 in. Yellow Perch

  2. Does anyone know good place for walleye in iron county mi???

  3. Guided Ron to his largest musky to-date.

    45 in. Muskellunge with a top water

    1. Matt Newman 0
      Also, we were both so excited that we forgot to measure this fish. Ron is about 6'7" for perspective. I think the fish was around 45".
    2. Matt Newman 0
      Best part about this catch was that Ron was using an old spinning reel with old 6lbs test on it and a cheap leader. Just before it hit I asked him about the line. ...more Once I heard that fish hammer it on the surface I rushed to get the trolling motor down to chase him around. After a few good runs, she was in the net and Ron was holding his largest musky. After we watched this guys swim away Ron had an even larger one swing and miss 10 minutes later. Coming back next year for more Pat Hingos. For those of you wishing to make the trip up to Peavy Pond/Paint River, The Michi-Aho Resort is a great place to stay and Pat Hingos, the owner, and his family are all great hosts. Boat rentals available, which is how we did this trip.
    3. patrick hingos 0
      matt, 82 degrees today, need cooler temps. guys at the resort are catching nice perch 14 to 16
    4. patrick hingos 0
      nice fish, must be tne lower half of peavy
    5. Jeff Weathers 0
      Awesome fish! Bet it was exciting glad to see one brought to hand in the pond!
    6. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Now you can teach me a thing or two about that fishery!
    7. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Awesome musky! Glad to see you guys had some luck at Peavy!
    8. Christopher Pereira 0
      Sweet top water action!
    9. Dave Mogensen 0
      Nice job Matt, great catch Ron
    10. Scottie Martin 0
      Great work Matt.
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  4. Anyone willing to share their knowledge and insight into fishing Peavy Pond? I am taking my father up there for a fishing trip. Never been on the water and cannot ...more find a lot of information, not even a contour map. Targeting musky, walleye, smallies, and perch. We are staying at the Michi-Aho Resort and plan to fish down river and the main reservoir, up into the Little Bull Diversion Canal. Thanks in advance for any tips. -Matt

    1. Matt Newman 0
      Jerry, thanks so much for sharing. I will be sure to let you know how we do.
    2. Jerry Schmidt 0
      For perch, target deeper bays off main channel that have lilly pads. Michi Aho has an old map available.
    3. Jerry Schmidt 0
      Hey Matt, your best bet for musky is up the little bull canal into the river. There are a lot of bays but stay with the ones off the main river as they hold the ...more biggest fish. Not sure how bad the weeds will be but you could try a bay called Mud Lake by locals. I have had best luck around a few islands just upriver from the Little Bull Dam.
      Good Luck!
    4. Patrick Empey 0
      2,400 acres? Peavy Pond is the biggest pond I've ever heard of!
    5. Matt Newman 0
      Jeff, Thank you so much for your time and input. Much appreciated! I will post our catches and experiences when we return. Stay tuned.
    6. Jeff Weathers 0
      Hey Matt, Muskies are a bit scarce in Peavy but are present. If you want to try for them try around the islands in the southwest corner and in the narrows between ...more the bays. Pike can be pretty good at times, and there are some quality fish- look for cooler water. Smallies are good in Peavy, and you can try near the dam or around the Paint River where it comes into Peavy, and the adjacent rocks nearby. Just a quick note: be careful when navigating the backwaters in Peavy, as there are rock piles that do come close to the surface, so use caution. I would be very careful opening up my boat without knowing this waterway. I know of a number of guys who ripped apart their lower units here. As for the topo map, I fish frequently up in that area and never had heard of one. Not sure if this is because this is an impoundment and changing frequently. At the Michi-Aho, the owner, Pat Hingis (if he is still the owner) is a great guy and will point you in the right direction. He also has had some free maps of the backwaters in his bait shop in the past with some suggestions on potential fish locations. Use your electronics and look for the main river channel, and this could also be productive. Good luck, and save some for me. Safe travels.
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass

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