Murray Lake

Kent - Michigan

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64 feet deep at its deepest point. Fish the bay on the western shore of the western arm, all of the sunken islands scattered around the lake (a depth finder is needed to find these), and the shoreline, weedlines, and drop offs around the big point in the ...

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Murray Lake Fishing Reports

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  1. Details: late season bluegills

  2. Caught at Scalley lake (a private lake w/ a campground that rents boats). I caught this fish at Scalley Lake not Murray lake... I can't change it for some reason. ...more I made a ~50ft cast parallel to the shore and the break w/ a 1/2oz Chatterbait w/ a custom bluegill pattern skirt and Arkansas shad color zoom superfluke Jr. as a trailer (With the fat part of the belly cut off.) I let the lure sink a second until I thought it was in the tops of the weeds. I reeled up the slack and popped it out of the weeds along the middle of the break, the break goes from about 4ft to 10ft of water. A moment (3-4ft) after the lure straightened out on the retrieve the lure stopped vibrating and I couldn't feel it .. But, the line had jumped and was moving fast out to deeper water (to my left). Great fight, I was very careful fighting and landing the fish. I couldn't see the lure until the bass came out from under the boat. I had it hooked through the bone front center of it's upper mouth, almost nose area.

    7 lb. 25 in. Largemouth Bass with a Homemade bluegill pattern skirt 1/2oz Chatterbait (bladed jig)

    1. Tommy Horn 0
      You're an amazing angler with some good fish and talent Mike!
    2. F T 0
    3. Rich Pardy 0
      Very nice!!
    4. Scott Roberts 0
      That'll get you a Master Angler award!
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  3. Biggest bass I've ever caught

    5 lb. 8 oz. 20 in. Largemouth Bass with a Ned rig

  4. Details: 8 in. crappie with a green glow

  5. Details: Parnell General Store

    You're going to need a lot of beer to enjoy Murray Lake

  6. The DNR stocks Muskie in Murray lake for some reason. It is one of the busiest lakes in Kent county. It also gets warmer than most of the other lakes around. If ...more you want to enjoy a day of fishing go somewhere else. If you decide to fish Murray lake do it in the morning, at night, or during a time of year when there aren't pleasure boaters on the water... seriously!

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