Lake St. Helen

Roscommon - Michigan

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Bluegill fishing is fantastic. Fish in the 8-to 9-inch range are common. Crappie population growing. Largemouth, Northern Pike and Walleye are also present.

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Lake St. Helen Fishing Reports

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  1. Details: 12 in. Black Crappie with a Live minnows

    1. way to go Gerald
  2. Black Crappie

    1. Looking good David
  3. Details: Bluegill with a hook & worm

  4. Fished the storm. Bite was slow after 1pm. No limit this time but enough for a meal

    Black Crappie with a jigs &plastics/spoons

  5. I would like to thank you guys for sharing your beautiful lake with us tournament guys over the last several days. I'd also like to apologize for any negative ...more interactions you may have had with any of the other competitors out there. I know a few can ruin it for the whole groups.
    But again, I would like to extend my appreciation to your community for hosting and hospitality. I hope to get back up there for a "fun trip" and really enjoy your wonderful fishery

    1. joe devera 0
      8 crappie 8 sunfish
    2. David Sharp 0
      That tourney was all panfish right?
    3. joe devera 0
      8.79 won it. We missed on our gills and weighed 6.06 pounds. Came in 30th out of 52 teams
    4. David Sharp 0
      Well said. Do any good up there? What was the weigh ins like?
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  6. 23 crappie mid day bite. 5th time fishing st. Helen this yr. Went from noon till 5:30.

    Black Crappie with a spoons/jiggin rap/rippin rap

    1. Michael D 0
      very cool, thanks for posting, love fishing lake st. helen, been going up there for 27 years.
    2. David Sharp 0
      Thanks for the comment. I'm not fishing in the tourney, but I prolly should
    3. Kenneth Campfield 0
      keep it up looking like a pro
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  7. 2nd time to st. Helen this yr. limited out

    Black Crappie with a jig and plastic

    1. David Sharp 0
      Thanks for the comments
      It was around 5 to 7 fow
    3. David Sharp 0
      Ok thanks. What kinda depth? I found some off the artesia beach in 10-16 fow. Was to busy counting so I didn't go over my limit. Bright sunny days seem to help ...more the crappie bite.
      Straight off the boat luanch just to the right a little and go all the way to the other side of the lake there's a flat over there
    5. David Sharp 0
      Jeremiah you got any pics. Where did you fish for gills on 1st lake
    6. David Sharp 0
      Yes found a few they roam quick so drill lots of holes we fish the weeds on both sides of it and the flats adjacent to them off the breaks.
      The gills we got were on 1st lake and they were 7s and 8s. Did u fish that 25fow?
    8. David Sharp 0
      Any big gills? We only fish 3rd lake. Check the deep holes they were suspended. And the weed beds. If you got a vexilar fish just above the weeds. I use walleye ...more spoons with half a perch minnow and jigs with plastics. The ratso works really well. Good luck I might be back over sometime this week one day
      Where would be a good spot to start for the crappie if u don't mind me asking, was out today and didn't get really any crappie, got the gills good.
    10. HuntFish Mich 0
      That's awesome. I really appreciate it.
    11. David Sharp 0
      Huntfish mich if u fish fall usually the fish will be in the same spots during winter. Crappies suspend in winter so I never fish the bottom. In 10ft of water I ...more fish the 6fy range to 4ft. Also i do occasionally use tip ups on a light setting with a single hook and blues catch crappie as well. We had a time last yr we had them set on the mud flat and jigging in weeds. The tip ups started going off like crazy. While rebaiting I noticed as soon as I got it back down it would go off again. Me and my buddy pulled the tip ups out and starting jigging in the holes and caught as many as we could. One after another. School before dark pushed out of the weeds and were feeding on the mud flat outside the weeds
    12. David Sharp 0
      Right in the weeds. A few on mud flats. I usually go to my spot on gps and then drill 10-30 holes around it. Spaced out 10-30 ft apart then just walk around with ...more my aqua vu camera till I see some. Or just grab ur rod and start hole hoppin. Do not fish a hole more than 5-10 mins if you do not get a bite. #1 rule find the fish first.
    13. HuntFish Mich 0
      On the ice that is. I've fished the lake since I was born open water. Just started on the ice there a few years back.
    14. HuntFish Mich 0
      Beautiful! Fishing weed edges, drop offs or the holes? I take my young boys out (2,4) and all we catch are hammerhandles.
    15. Kenneth Campfield 0
      great job David they sure look nice and fat
    16. Armando Solis 0
      Wow David awesome job
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  8. Went to st. Helen try to do some crappie fishing

    Black Crappie with a spoons/jig

    1. David Sharp 0
      Thanks for the comments and questions. I like the comments and will help with what I can thanks
    2. David Sharp 0
      A long time ago. Mostly fish 2-3 lakes close to home no pressure. And houghton. Higgins a few times a yr but that's about it.
    3. Armando Solis 0
      Thank you have you ever fished Wiggins lake in gladwin? I'm headed up there a week from this Thursday
    4. David Sharp 0
      Had 10" of good hard ice and 2-3" of soft ice. But that was mon night so conditions could of changed
    5. Armando Solis 0
      Awesome job wow looks like it was a Great day. How much ice do you still have up there?
    6. Kenneth Campfield 0
      Great day David way to go
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  9. Another good sized big meany from last night.

    27 in. Bowfin with a Cut Bait

    1. Michael D 0
      Great of my favorite lakes. lake st. helen. caught a few toothy bowfins out of there myself over the years...
    2. Matthew B. 0
      Cool. I caught a dogfish similar fish they're ugly
    3. Kenneth Campfield 0
      nice catch I have got to get to that Lake and work on it some this year
    4. Christopher Pereira 0
      So cool. I still haven't crossed that species off
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  10. My favourite fish to catch, it's been awhile but definitely worth the time and effort.

    26 in. Bowfin with a Cut Bait

    1. Shawn Gearinger 0
      That's a bowfin.
    2. Jeff Weathers 0
      Dogfish? I don't know. A great native fish. Bet it was an awesome battle. Never caught one myself. Congrats!
    3. Bill Fussell 0
      We eat them here in south Louisiana
    4. dan amburgey 0
      great fish. we caught a monster Bowfin last year. almost a state record. I will post it so you can see
    5. Jared Berkovsky 0
      Nice bowfin. Yes Jon they are great fighters especially on spinning tackle.
    6. John Morgan 0
      Yep, Lake Summerville here is full of them and they are fun.
    7. Shawn Gearinger 0
      I caught one of those on a top water one time and I thought I had the lake record bass for a few seconds. Until I saw that ugly thing, LOL! They are a lot of fun ...more to catch. WTG!
    8. Ty Young 0
      I'd have to say that they're pound for pound the hardest fighting fish I've ever caught Jon, extremely fun to catch and they definitely don't stop ...more fighting after you get them in the boat haha
    9. Jon Giacalone 0
      Are they good fighters? I've seen them swimming around in the shallows, but never caught one.
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