Lake St. Clair

St. Clair - Michigan

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Outstanding fishing opportunities for a diversity of species including smallmouth bass, muskie, walleye and yellow perch. Widely recognized as one of the nation's great smallmouth and muskie fisheries. Maximum depth of 32 feet. Fish both ends of the lake...

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Lake St. Clair Fishing Reports

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  1. Details: bouy 7

    middle channel

  2. Caught in very choppy water...

    Smallmouth Bass with a Bass minnow

    1. Buddy Pierce 0
      Yes sir!!! Waters real ruff. Also cloudy. We are getting some walleye in the river channel. Trolling crank baits
  3. 4 lb. 3 oz. Smallmouth Bass with a Berkley 5 inch Little Bass Green tube

  4. 8-14-2018. 43 inches. My fiancé first muskie ever. Very proud. Has me beat by 3 inches and I haven't hooked a tiger yet.

    43 in. Tiger Muskellunge with a Pink Buckertail

    1. East side south of Michelle bay. We were fishing the wreck.
    2. Ron Harwood 0
      Strawberry isle behind her?
    3. David Sharp 0
      Fishporn for all of us at work. I love it.
    4. beautiful fish great job
    5. Robert Coleman 0
      Now THAT'S a nice Tiger!!!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
    6. Daniel Lutton 0
      Good job nice looking musky
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  5. Heavy Weight Beast!!!

    49 in. Muskellunge with a lavender Spanky

    1. Chad Jaco 0
      Great fish!!!
    2. Robert Coleman 0
      Monster Ski! 👍👍👍
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  6. Few little guys today ;)

    Muskellunge with a Bass Spanky

  7. Chased down a Ziggie Blueberry trolling for Muskie.

    27 in. Walleye

    1. Buddy Pierce 0
      Thank Tom!!!
    2. Tom P. 0
      Right now I'm trolling using big body baits like Ziggies, Wiley's... and spinners like Spankys and Lapper tails.. if your casting bull dawgs, spinners and ...more Poseidon... so many options depending on what your doing.
    3. Buddy Pierce 0
      Hi Tom. I'm looking for walleye. But I would like a shot at one of those lake monsters you get there. I will launch from selfridge. What should I use to catch ...more a Muskie. I have the gear to handle one, but no lures.
    4. Tom P. 0
      Need Canadian license for that side of lake! Can get daily or yearly.. what are you fishing for?
    5. Buddy Pierce 0
      Can I fish both sides of lake St. Clair?
    6. Buddy Pierce 0
      Nice Sean!!! Thank you
    7. Sean Dornan 0
      This year is exceptional for Walleye on LSC. My son and I caught several Walleye this weekend on Green Pumpkin tubes while we were fishing for Smallmouth. I marked ...more a school of Walleye in Anchor Bay yesterday. They were in fairly shallow with some Smallmouth right below a baitfish ball.
    8. Buddy Pierce 0
      Hi Tom. I'm in Port Huron. Thinking about fishing lake ST. Clair. I have never been there. Any ideas. Trolling for walleye
    9. Buddy Pierce 0
      Hi Tom. I will be fishing the harbor Beach area on Lake Huron for the next few weeks. Any ideas or hint you could share with me? I have a trolling boat all set ...more up.
    10. Buddy Pierce 0
      Beautiful fish!!!
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  8. Look who decided to come on board for a picture!!

    Muskellunge with a pink Spanky

    1. Robert Coleman 0
      Nice Skie Tom! 👍👍👍👍👍
    2. David Sharp 0
      Trolling or casting? Nice fish. It's all about the chase
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  9. Smallmouth Bass

    1. Ron Harwood 0
      looking good.
    2. jeff mcelroy 0
      good smallmouth
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