Lake Margrethe

Crawford - Michigan

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Lake Margrethe lies in the Manistee River watershed, having Portage Creek as an outlet. Portage Creek joins the Manistee River approximately seven miles downstream from where it flows out of Lake Margrethe. Lake Margrethe is a mesotrophic lake, with a max...

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Lake Margrethe Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. 28.0 in. Northern Pike with a dead stick with minnow

  2. Started early afternoon into evening slowed down after dark but still moved thru

    1. Phil Osmun 0
      Winter usually afternoon evening but have caught them all day when cloudy never caught a crappie in that lake
    2. Theresa Ryba 0
      Best time to fish this lake for blue gill? Crappie here?
    3. John Jake 0
      I knew about the base and launch but was talking about sandy beach about 1/4 mile NW that you only could reach by boat. I guess that is base also so TYVM for info.
    4. Phil Osmun 0
      The base now is closed to traffic beach and launch you can't even access anymore unfortunilty after 9-11 they gated and fenced everything off still can beach ...more a boat and swim just not on the base anymore.. sucks I used that launch all the time
    5. John Jake 0
      I'm sorry but i meant over by the sandbar. We used to launch in the camp years ago, head North-North-West to the "dunes" and shuttle the Scouts over ...more there. I know it's military property but we even used to take our 4x4 trucks back there and look at deer at night. We stayed at hartwick Pines when it was only 47 sites. did I date myself?LOL
    6. Phil Osmun 0
      Ya just before camp ground picnic tables and sandy swimming area
    7. John Jake 0
      Can we still take picnic supplies over to point on west side and spend a day?
    8. Phil Osmun 0
      Nice it's a great fishing lake over all very under used for size, have a place off military rd . Got a email back from fishidy. On problem with pics not posting.. ...more great perch gills walleye heading back up this weekend ...
    9. John Jake 0
      fished that lake since dad was in National Guard., We waded in off military road and enjoyed fish and spreading cheer,.Best was we caught n2 white suckers and 2 ...more men wanted to purchase,no deal,,,,they loved them and told us they were trout. no one ever argued and our soldiers ate very good filleted fish.
    10. Phil Osmun 0
      Having some pic posting issues for some reason ....gills
    11. Phil Osmun 0
      Having some pic posting issues for some reason ....gills
    12. John Jake 0
      What did?
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  3. Details: blue gill with a worms

    1. John Jake 0
      Congrats from Toledo
    2. Ron & Cheryl Cowan 0
      Gills were caught on multiple types of baits. From crawlers, to leaches, to crappie minnows, to multi-colored rubber crawler harnesses.
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  4. Only one, but it sure makes a buddy happy!

    16 in. Walleye with a Drifted Crawler

  5. caught 2 on the Friday and 4 on Sat, fish were between 12 and 22 in, 5 keepers, fish were caught near bottom on a drop off

    Walleye with a Rapala jigging rap

    1. Kyle Dean 0
      good luck
    2. Phil Osmun 0
      Thanks- nice fish have a place in grayling fish that lake a lot over the years , great fishing don't get up as much as I would like. Let ya know how we do
    3. Kyle Dean 0
      Thanks Ken. Phil, not sure, there was about 8-9" last weekend, I'm not from the area so I'm not sure how the ice is now, I'd assume there is still ...more enough ice but there won't be for long with this warm weather
    4. Phil Osmun 0
      HI fishing Margrethe this Saturday how is ice conditions for 4 wheelers
    5. Kenneth Campfield 0
      Glad to see people catching fish on margrethe keep up the good work
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  6. Details: 14 in. Walleye with a black crawler harness

  7. Details: 14 in. Walleye with a crawler harness

  8. 24 in. Northern Pike with a crawler harness

  9. Details: Redear Sunfish

    2 sunfish caught by trolling

  10. Details: 3 lb. Smallmouth Bass with a crankbait

    Smallys hammering cranks

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