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Buckmaster Pond Fishing Reports

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  1. Details: 2 lb. Largemouth Bass with a red crawdad plastic noisy wobbler

    best day in 2017 july was 4, all about 1-2 lbs.

    1. Roland Aucoin 0
      [Roland] fished 4 times; caught at least one each time;
  2. Details: Chain Pickerel

    From last week, Nhåt's first time catching a chain pickerel. Took him & his brother trout fishing but ended up they both caught a pickerel.

  3. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Had no luck for the first hour of junk fishing until I tried the Ned Rig for the first time. Had two hits on the ultralight but couldn't keep the fish on the ...more hook. Switched over to a medium action gear & was rewarded with this little guy. The fish inhaled the jig so deep that all I could see was jighead sticking out of its stomach. Thanks Winkiedoodles for introducing me to the Ned Rig.

    1. Matt Dobson 0
      Cool. Thanks, I'll check out the vid.
    2. Bill Lew 0
      @matt it can be fished many ways like slow rolling it, hopping it or even reeling it in but majority of the bites comes from the slow descend like the wacky rig. ...more Check out the Ned Rig on YouTube.
    3. Bill Lew 0
      @matt It's a Midwest Finesse technique from the 1960's. It's half of an old Zinkerz attached to a mushroom jig. When the salt Is gone, it floats & ...more looks like bottom feeding fish or crawdad.
    4. Matt Dobson 0
      I must have missed it, what is the Ned rig?
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  4. Details: Lobster

    1. Nuzzo 0
      One of these clowns down now like 12 more of his friends to go lol
    2. RedfishBoy 0
      Ok good i thought about messaging him but i don't have gold or whatever.
    3. Nuzzo 0
      Thanks @cole_agouridis
    4. RedfishBoy 0
      Just don't even respond to this guy.
    5. cole_agouridis 0
      @RedfishBoy @Nuzzo @robbie84b @crookcody17 took care of him. Taking off his blerts and talking to @matt @MullettHead about geting his account taken off
    6. workin_the_rod5 0
      The hook wasn't coming out so I pretty much had to stab it
    7. RedfishBoy 0
      True thats what he wants is attention
    8. crookcody19 0
      It okay they come and go all the time just pay no attention to them @RedfishBoy
    9. Nuzzo 0
      Ya it's a joke
    10. RedfishBoy 0
      I cant believe there are already people on this app ruining it because they have nothing better to do
    11. robbie84b 0
      one of gods creatures. This is actually sickening
    12. Nuzzo 0
      A joke of a human @RedfishBoy
    13. RedfishBoy 0
      Wtf is this.......
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass

    1. Patrick Conneely 0
      just wondering what kind of fish are in the chestnut hill reservoir i have worked at B.C for years and never have tried well years ago you could not fish there
    2. fishnut 0
      Nice catch was that my lure you used.lol.
    3. BadKitti 0
      Haha thanks!
    4. John Richardson 0
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  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Yamamoto Senko 5" green and silver sparkle

    Caught this decent fish fish on a Gary's using basic jigging motion, good fight on the fish, had two detatched hooks in its mouth when I caught it! Guy was hungry!

  7. What type of trolling motor would be best to put on this 12 foot Jon boat (mounted on the back)

  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Zoom finesse worm, green pumpkin

    Not the biggest fish of the day, but look at the size of the tail! About 13 inch fish according to my box measurer.

    1. robby_scott 0
      Yep haha
    2. Karol Karol 0
      It doesn't look like a 3 pounder
    3. RoyerMike 0
      @robby_scott I know right! I was so confused it looked so unproportional when I brought it in, fish put up a hell of a fight to for a 3 pound fish
    4. robby_scott 0
      The tail on that fish is huge! If i saw just the tail come out the water I'd think it was 10 pounds! Haha
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  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a zoom 4 3/4 inch finesse worm, green gourd

    Nice little pig caught in buckmaster, a storm brought a bunch of loose weeds into a cove creating amazing coverage for bass, had this guy hooked up on in no less ...more than 5 minutes of getting there

  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Zoom finesse worm, Green pumpkin

    4-5 pound bass caught in a 1/2 a foot of water

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