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Recent Activity in Maryland

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  1. Largemouth Bass with a Googan nuke punch crawl

    1. George Horvath 0
      Nice one ☝️
  2. full moon topwater bass

    2 lb. 14 oz. 18.0 in. Largemouth Bass with a River2Sea Whopper Plopper

    1. Nice 👍
  3. I caught a bunch of bluegills under the pier also on wax worms

    5 lb. 23 in. Channel Catfish with a fallfish

  4. PR Fallfish

    1 lb. 13 in. Fallfish with a nite crawlers

  5. PR Rock Bass

    12 oz. 8 in. Rock Bass with a wax worms

  6. Deep Creek Lake

    12 oz. 8 in. Bluegill with a wax worms

  7. 5 lb. 24 in. Channel Catfish with a Jello Kool-Aid Anise Chicken

  8. 11 in. Smallmouth Bass with a nite crawlers

  9. 10 in. Black Crappie with a night crawlers

  10. Striped Bass

    1. Todd Haas 0
      Nice fish, you Haas boys catch the big ones huh?

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