Pointe Aux Chenes Complex

- Louisiana

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Pointe Aux Chenes Complex Fishing Reports

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  1. Details: Other Saltwater

    Caught this little guy fishing on the bottom. I don't know the real name of these, we call them oyster fish down here

    1. mmmyers 0
      Dog fish or rock fish not eating
    2. floridafisher2002 0
      I caught one before they are really disgusting fish to eat. Don't even try it.
    3. tampafish 0
      They are trash fish I wouldn't eat them
    4. Antman33 0
      I mean u can but I would not
    5. Antman33 0
      They are kinda like junk fish
    6. Zach 0
      @Antman33 why not
    7. Antman33 0
      No don't eat them
    8. Zach 0
      @tampafish @pocfishin they any good to eat?
    9. pocfishin 0
      Also called oyster dog or dogfish. Scientific name Opsanus beta.
    10. 2005_rusty 0
    11. tampafish 0
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  2. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    1. basshunter19 0
      Monster red in there 😳
  3. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    Team Poone got on the Reds, trout, flounder, and drum Thursday!

  4. Details: Blacktip Shark with a Whole or cut mullet

    Got a few of these the other night right off the bank

    1. ar0000 0
      and the body of a bull shark is like a pitbull, they are very thick and mean looking.
    2. ar0000 0
      the snout of the shark is thick and only bull sharks and tiger sharks have it like that.
    3. Sarah hebert 0
      How can you tell just from that angle of the pic
    4. ar0000 0
      its a bull shark not a black tip but nice fish tho.
    5. swimbaitfishing 0
      Jaws! Hahaha
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  5. Details: Gulf Flounder

    nice big flounder I caught yesterday

  6. Details: Gulf Flounder with a Gulp


    1. Casting22Major 0
  7. Details: Black Drum

    1. Jvietvu 0
      Nice choupic dawg
    2. TJcope 0
    3. spankdaddy36 0
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  8. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a gold spoon

    Water was extremely high all weekend long. And I know that when the water is high like that you need to be deep in the marsh ponds. Tide started falling around 3pm. ...more We trolled the marsh casting at every cut and point. Caught about 20, kept our limit (10).

    1. TYnsr 0
      What did you use
  9. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Top Dog jr.

    1. gabe_ya 0
      Oh well@Deerhunter12
    2. Deerhunter12 0
      Your not supposed to be on this app in school
    3. gabe_ya 0
      Umm I'm sitting behind u in class....@Deerhunter12
    4. Deerhunter12 0
    5. gabe_ya 0
      Sup homie @Deerhunter12
    6. Deerhunter12 0
    7. gabe_ya 0
      No problem man @greatness627
    8. greatness627 0
      Appreciate the follow buddy. Looking forward to your blerts. 👍
    9. gabe_ya 0
    10. OBX_Fishing 0
      Nice catch. Welcome to FishingScout.
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  10. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    1. collinfolse 0
    2. collinfolse 0
    3. collinfolse 0
    4. collinfolse 0
    5. _aalleexx 0
      hey @collinfolse
    6. collinfolse 0
    7. collinfolse 0
      I did lol 😂😂😂😂😂
    8. _aalleexx 0
      boy you better make the sign of the cross @collinfolse
    9. collinfolse 0
      I'm sorry lol
    10. collinfolse 0
      Hey man
    11. collinfolse 0
      Oh that's big man did it give us fight
    12. _aalleexx 0
      ABOUT 15 FOOT
    13. collinfolse 0
    14. collinfolse 0
    15. collinfolse 0
      How big
    16. collinfolse 0
      Nice man
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