Willisburg Lake

- Kentucky

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Willisburg Lake Fishing Reports

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  1. USA Bassin Tournament 6/272020
    5 Fish 13.19 lbs

    4 lb. 7 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Bandit 300 Series Crankbait

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Nice little bass at my pond. About 2lbs

  3. Details: White Crappie

    Very first wave of fish starting to show the earliest signs of prespawn activity, these were in no less than 15 fow holding about 10 ft deep over brush adjacent ...more to small pockets off the main lake channel. Finicky as usual, the crappie only wanted a blue/chart triple tailed grub today and we pounded these brush piles with them. Water clarity was terrible, maybe 1 ft visibility. Caught 21 keepers

    1. EthanKitter99 0
      Gotta love them Crappie @tripnip9
  4. Details: White Crappie

    Fished a big warm front that moved in today and slayed some crappie. The dropping pressure really got them biting and we brought home 37 eaters, caught 62 total. ...more All fish were caught in 35-40 fow around the main lake channel, all in a slow summertime pattern now. Temperatures have been in the low 80s the past couple of days which also helped to get the fish going.

  5. Details: White Crappie

    Today marked the end of a great 3 days of fishing, took 60 crappie out of Willisburg Lake, 125 overall. Crappies have just come off their spawning grounds and are ...more feeding hard. Fish are all still around 14 feet deep in 30 fow. Fun fish to catch and absolutely delicious

    1. TennesseeTroutboy 0
  6. Details: White Crappie

    Cleaned 65 crappie from Willisburg Lake over the past 2 days, here's the 24 from today. They're schooling on shad now, so we followed the schools drifted ...more over them with triple-tail grubs and roadrunners. Most fish were between 5-15 ft deep in 30 fow and actively feeding up before the big front moved in today

  7. Details: White Crappie

    Brought home 34 crappie from Willisburg Lake last night after catching nearly 60 in only 3 hours of fishing. Crappie have all pretty much moved to deep water for ...more the summer, these were all caught in about 40 FOW. We drifted down the main lake channel using an assortment of 1/16 oz tubes and roadrunners. The crappie here have become extremely overpopulated, longest fish we caught topped out at 8 in

    1. Seth McDowell 0
      @bassinboy01 could you please add Willisburg Lake, KY?
    2. Seth McDowell 0
      With no size or creel limit on crappie from Willisburg, we just kept fish that were big enough to fillet. Need to take about a thousand more out of there
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