Milford Lake

Geary - Kansas

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Milford Lake with loaded with fish and anglers can expect to catch something every trip. Fishing is at its best from late April thru the end of July for all species. Walleyes, smallmouth bass and blue catfish are the top three targeted by anglers. All ...

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Milford Lake Fishing Reports

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  1. Froze my rear out there, all cuz my kid wanted to fish, but I was the winner caught the biggest one of the day... don't mind the glove wasn't getting sticked ...more or cut from these mean punks

    Blue Catfish

    1. I agree!! I like 80
    2. Thanks...I don't think they were freezing as the small ones were biting non stop...if it's not 80+ degrees it's cold...😁
    3. Frozen Catfish:) nice catch!
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  2. 17 lb. 34 in. Blue Catfish with a minnow

    1. Timothy Simon 0
      Keep it up Tony!
    2. Yeah i know but still got my limit all about 5 lbs
    3. Mike Simon 0
      Heck of a fish still makes me sad those are throw backs now. Know why they did it but that's a big fish to throw back.
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  3. Hybrid Striped Bass

    1. Timothy Simon 0
      Man those are fun to catch. We were out on the lake and were slaying them but ran out of shad......
  4. 7.2LB Wiper

    Hybrid Striped Bass

  5. at the spillway

    Channel Catfish with a chicken liver

    1. 🤣 I wish, I'm a smaller person so looks are deceiving...maybe 5 lbs
    2. Timothy Simon 0
      Those are fun. 15#?
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  6. Smallmouth Bass with a chicken liver

  7. Details: Hot Spot For All Fish

  8. Details: 35 lb. 6 oz. Blue Catfish with a shad

    1. Bob Benson 0
      Gotta see a picture!
  9. The description of Milford states that the Wiper population has declined, but that they are still catchable. I went to Milford, June 4-8 this past year. In four ...more days, mostly trolling with lead line, I caught over 40 Wiper a day, averaging over 3.5 lbs each. On two of the four days, we had four fish hit all four lines, six times a day (quadrupled). We tripled-up on those days also, over eight separate times. In fact, we caught a Wiper and a Freshwater Drum on the same lure, at the same time. Anglers who are using electronics and mapping correctly, will find an over-abundance of fish, particularly Wiper, when combined with the right conditions. Choosing when to go to Milford, if you do not live close, will prove to be essential. Milford gets its walleyes from Pueblo, CO, one of my main fisheries year-round. Many of the serious Walleye anglers I talked with at Milford, stated a "known and talked about" frustration with targeting Walleyes, and ending up with Wiper on the line, "too often." I target Walleye using advanced tactics throughout the year and my experience was similar to the anglers I talked with. For more information about my angling or my experiences with Milford or other bodies of water, please feel free to contact me on Fishidy.

    1. Timothy Simon 0
      Great information. Thank you
    2. Noah Shapiro 0
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