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  1. Details: Brown Bullhead Catfish, channel catfish with a furry thang. 4/0 big gun catfish hook.

    Went again tonight fished for bass up until about 6pm then switched to catfish. I fished two rods both on the bottom one with a single 4/0 straight shank hook, and ...more one with with a dip sponge on a 4/0 circle hook. I used a 3 way swivel with a 1oz weight on 6ib test and hooks on 17ib flourocarbon. I baited the simple hook with a large single night crawler and baited the furry thang sponge with dead red blood spray then added a single small night crawler to that hook. I cast both lines out at roughly the same distance within about 10 feet of each other I wanted to get a good read on if the dead red stuff worked. I had a little trouble figuring the bite out but once I did I caught 6 fish within about 45 min they were all small at around 14-18inches. I caught one brown bullhead and five channel catfish. I released all of them. What surprised me was the fact I caught all but one on the furry thang with the spray. I never have really believed in all the catfish gimmicks but this one really seemed to work and at the least improved my catch. All in all it was a decent evening bank fishing at a state lake and I and my buddy enjoyed ourselves even though he got too cold and sat in the truck the last hour or so. He came out to help me pack stuff up before we left I had him reel my second rod in just in time for him to catch the last one so good times...

  2. Details: Haverhill Pond

    Haverhill Church, small fish

  3. 10 White Perch on Saturday evening with nightcrawlers

  4. Details: 2 lb. 12 in. Rainbow Trout with a Jeggs #2 Black/Yellow Body, Yellow Rooster Tail

    12" Rainbow, caught on a rooster described above.

    1. Noah Shapiro 0
      Well sometimes flies can be better
    2. Yeah,I got lucky because it was just stocked. Lol. A fellow angler caught and released twelve in front of my eyes in less than an hour, using only a fly rod.
    3. Noah Shapiro 0
      If you're catching a two Pound rainbow you probably don't need tips lol. With rooster tail move them slowly, one of the things I do is once it is in the ...more water let it sink for a bit, then whip the rod back like you are setting the hook. That will cause the rooster tails blades to start spinning. Once that is done you are able to move it extremely slowly with blades still spinning, but you already probably know that. Also a guy 4 days ago caught a 21 inch rainbow out there? So you should send him a message (MArk fiznet). Good luck and tight lines!!!
    4. Any tips and helpful advice is welcomed, I'm new and need help!
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  5. Details: Brush Pile 18

    Brush Pile by KDWPT

  6. Details: 35 lb. 6 oz. Blue Catfish with a shad

    1. Bob Benson 0
      Gotta see a picture!
  7. Details: edge of bank around weeds and brush

    Entire edge in the shade

  8. Rainy day

    3 lb. 16 in. Largemouth Bass with a tx rig craw

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  • El Dorado Reservoir

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