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  1. Thought I might try some bottom fishing while I was throwing a crank bait along the docks. Left the Catfish bait in the van, but I was munching jerky and figured ...more nothing to lose. After all about 8 years ago I caught a Muskie on Catfish bait not far from this location.

    Channel Catfish with a Old Trapper Beef Jerky

  2. 2 lb. 4 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Squarebill Bluegill Pattern

  3. 4 lb. 3 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Crank Bait

    1. WOW!!!!!!!
  4. 15 in. Hybrid Striped Bass

    1. Brad Devore 0
      Did you catch them below the dam ?
    2. Tasha Larsen 0
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a mepps aglia long

    Small largemouth off of rock jetty

  6. 15 lb. 3 oz. Channel Catfish with a cow blood

  7. 13 fishing concept A 8ft wright&mcgill heavy action 12 lbs P line

    Largemouth Bass with a Pumpkin seed craw

  8. Morning with Dad & brother we got a mixed bag of walleyes, perch, crappies and one decent catfish. Brother caught the big Eye of the day: 22.5" / 4# 1oz! ...more Finished the day off with an evening at another lake and I put the last 3 walleyes in the livewell.

    4 lb. 1 oz. 22 in. Walleye with a Black/ Silver Rapala

    1. Tracy Chapman 0
      Never I meant LOL
    2. Tracy Chapman 0
      I have bever caught 1 any tips??
    3. Robert Coleman 0
      Thanks Tim & Karen
    4. Tim Troyer 0
      It sounds like you have a great day with your Dad and your brother. So cool. I am heading out this morning with my wife to catch some Saugeyes together. Thanks for ...more sharing your photos!
    5. karen eichman 0
      Nice day Robert!
    6. Robert Coleman 0
      Thanks Bryan! πŸ‘Š
    7. Bryan Harper 0
      Nice Eye
    8. Robert Coleman 0
      Yes it was Rich. Thanks bro! πŸ‘Š
    9. Rich Pardy 0
      Great day with the family!!
    10. Robert Coleman 0
      Yes it is, thanks Joel! πŸ‘Š
    11. Joel Norikane 0
      Dude it's great to see you fishing for walleye! That's a great fish!
    12. Ronald Howell 0
      Would love to catch an eye like that.
    13. Robert Coleman 0
      Thanks RussellπŸ‘Š
    14. Russ Emanuel 0
      nice bunch of fish.
      I have fished a couple ultra clear Canadian lakes where the walleyes take on a golden color
    15. Robert Coleman 0
      Never paid much attention to that Noah, may be weird lighting. I don't remember it being that gold whenhe caught it.
    16. Noah Shapiro 0
      Never seen a golden walleye, very cool
    17. Robert Coleman 0
      Thanks DerekπŸ‘Š We've been pretty lucky. Water temps have been around 78°!! And most of the lakes we are catching them at are 4-6 feet deep!
    18. Derek Stitt 0
      Nice haul Robert, walleye have been biting pretty good.. πŸ‘
    19. Robert Coleman 0
      Thanks Melissa!
    20. Melissa Norris 0
      very nice πŸ˜€
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Popular Waterways

The most active fishing spots in Iowa

  • Dry Run Creek

    A section of the Dry Run Creek in Winneshiek County, Iowa.


  • Mississippi River Pool 14

    Pool 14 has several wing dams that allow walleye and bass to setup on in the main channel. It also provides many backwater areas for bass fishing and crappie fishing.


  • Brushy Creek Lake

    No Wake Lake - It has a mean depth of 29 feet and a maximum depth of 80 feet. Brushy Creek Lake has...


  • Red Rock Reservoir

    Lake Red Rock is Iowa's largest lake and is just 10 minutes from Pella, known for its Dutch heritage...


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