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Monroe - Indiana

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Indiana's largest lake and home to a trophy bass fishery. Crappie are abundant and attract a lot of attention. A quality catfish population is widely ignored. 10,750 acres A section of the Monroe Lake in Monroe County, Indiana.

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Monroe Lake Fishing Reports

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  1. Largemouth Bass with a crankbait

    1. Scott Sorrell 0
      Nice one...I haven't been to Monroe this year
  2. how is the lake looking? anybody catching fish? planning on hitting the walleye and hybrids soon!

    1. J C 0
      i have not been there this year. last year i caught a few walleye trolling
    2. Fen Wick 0
      have you tried or had success with the walleye?
    3. Eric Aldridge 0
      Cutright open?
    4. I was out there two weekends ago and it was ungodly high. Graphed a bunch of crappie in about 15-18ft of water. Caught two that were about 11inches long. Got way ...more back in the creek channel east of cutright and caught a 18.75inch bass. Probably pushing 5 pounds. It was slow but they're still eating. Crappie were on a 4 inch swim bait and the bass was on a 1/2Oz shad colored spinnerbait. Water clarity was better than expected
    5. Eric Aldridge 0
      Idk but would like to know about clarity and level
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  3. Got a tournament on Monroe mid May. Never been on the lake in my life. Any input is greatly appreciated.

  4. I'm taking my son to Lake Monroe this evening... Where is the best place to take him for the best bank fishing? (bass, bluegill & catfish)

    1. Mike Young 0
      Under the bridge at Cutwright
  5. 3 lb. 19 in. Channel Catfish with a 2" Floater / Diver Minnow, white with a pink breast, trolling

  6. Largemouth bass

    4 lb. 6 oz. Large mouth bass with a Blue Fox Classic Vibrax Spinners

    1. Robert Tejchma 0
      thats not 4 lbs.
  7. 15 in. Black Crappie with a underspin

    1. Cindy Stephenson 0
    2. Douglas Weber 0
      No was bass fishing
    3. Cindy Stephenson 0
      Were you fishing for crappie?
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  8. Follow salt creek tackle

    Largemouth Bass with a strike king steel shad

    1. Chris Fox 0
      spawning fish...RED EYES
  9. Follow salt creek tackle

    Largemouth Bass with a strike king steel shad

  10. Walleye

    Walleye with a steel shad

    1. Jim Richardson 0
    2. Mike Weiss 0
      I have caught 2
    3. Mike Weiss 0
      Where do you fish
    4. Mike Weiss 0
      I have been using strike king steel shad, I got from salt creek tackle, been a great lure , even caught the catfish on it
    5. Mike Weiss 0
      In the shallows, fishing for bass
    6. Jim Richardson 0
      How deep
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