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  1. new to fishing on brookville lake, atleast with a boat lol,
    any hot spot tips for spring crappie,or walleye?
    my son and i would greatly appreciate it.
    thank you ...more ,

    1. ben means 0
      Well Saturday had to be one of the worst fishing days I've ever had lol
      It was honestly terrible.
    2. ben means 0
      Dang that'd be great,
      Haven't taken an entire week off since I started my business lol
    3. Jake Joseph 0
      14 days and I'll be there for a full week! Can't wait!!
    4. ben means 0
      Thanks Marius, I don't have a clue what the colors are that you said worked best for you, but I will ask at the bait shop.
      I really can't wait til Saturday ...more lol
    5. Shore fishing has been pretty good for me for the last couple weeks. Casting along the shore and catching walleye at the dam 4-8 feet out staying just off the bottom ...more with jerkbaits, crankbaits and lipless crankbaits. Only colors I've had luck with are clown and fire tiger. I've seen others catch them on chartreuse/white/yellow swim baits as well though. I've been out there between 7-10pm. I assume it won't last much longer after spawn is over at which point fishing the flats is your best bet.
    6. ben means 0
      Thanks Tyler.
      I will definitely post my results.
      I hope they are great posts lol
    7. I've not done to much crappie fishing at brookville but as far as walleye goes, like Jake said fish the flats anywhere from 6ft to 14ft have been my go to. Whistler ...more jigs, crawler harnesses, road runners, round head jigs all tipped with nightcrawler or minnow. Colors I've had good luck with are white, black, purple, and chartreuse. If it's a trolling bite multiple variations of size and color of the Berkley flicker minnows have worked for me. If your trying to go this weekend I'd say stay north of the causeway bridge for warmer water around the Fairfield flats, north of hanna creek, or quakertown. Good luck to you and let us know how you do I'm planning a trip next week into the weekend.
    8. ben means 0
      Thanks a lot Jake.
      I'm hoping to get out there this weekend.
      I'll definitely post my results, hopefully all good.
    9. Jake Joseph 0
      I made my first trip last year in a boat and we found fish pretty much everywhere.... we did good on the flat adjacent to Egypt Hollow boat ramp drifting crawler ...more harnesses and whistler jigs tipped with a half crawlers for walleye and channel cats and found most of our crappies around the trees near the Templeton boat ramp we also caught walleyes trolling the outside edges of the same trees at Templeton.... We were only there 4 days.... Going back the 5th thru 12th of May this year. Hopefully we can figure out a few more spots.... We went last year with a days notice but I asked on here and got some leads that were very helpful hopefully I can do the same for you
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  2. Looking for a fishing partner. disabled person looking for a new fishing friend.

  3. Largemouth Bass with a chatter

  4. I was here Saturday and the lake was up 20ft

    1. I'm thinking about going this weekend. Any idea what it looks like?
  5. Blue Catfish with a night crawler

  6. 3 lb. 2 oz. 14 in. Largemouth Bass with a Gary Yamamoto

    1. Randy Dorton 0
      thanks I will try there
    2. Dillan Hensley 0
      I caught these fish back near the pits by little patoka
    3. Randy Dorton 0
      where at I am going fishing there the 15th and 16
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  7. Details: Shortnose Gar with a Spook

    My brother somehow managed to pull this out of the water

  8. Details: Channel Catfish

    Caught a real nice channel on some bass bait. Put up a really good fight

    1. Jeff Besing 0
      Nice cat

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