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  1. got out to get some fresh air last night in the lake in my back yard. caught in about an hour black & white crappie also a few bluegills this lake is in Eagle ...more Creek area

    White Crappie with a minnows & red worms

    1. Very nice! Were you catching them up shallow?
  2. Black Crappie with a Jig

  3. 15 in. Largemouth Bass

    1. Zach Rohrs 0
      this guy almost got gulped by a big musky
  4. 3 nice pre spawn walleye.

    26.0 in. Walleye with a B Fish N Tackle AuthentX Pulse-R Paddle Tail

    1. fish sober 0
      was draggin with some snaps
    2. wow very nice I haven't been to cagle's mill this year do to medical problems
    3. fish sober 0
      I've seen willow pine and right at dark
    4. J C 0
      check out willowpine outdoors and crossroads walleye!
    5. J C 0
      did u catch them at night?
    6. J C 0
      did u catch them at night?
    7. J C 0
      did u catch them at night?
    8. very nice
    9. Fred Phelps 0
      Nice fish were you casting or trolling?
    10. Griffin Lenz 0
      Nice! Fish look super healthy.
    11. fish sober 0
      no lake side off rocks near a drop off
    12. Griffin Lenz 0
      was this tail water?
    13. Awesome
    14. nice!
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  5. Walleye I guess I should have said this is a female full of eggs caught and released

    7 lb. 1 oz. 27 in. Walleye with a X rap

    1. Lewis Lindahl 0
      Thank you but I have caught bigger
    2. Helluva nice Eye Lewis! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
    3. Lewis Lindahl 0
      Thank you Mr buddy pierce
    4. Buddy Pierce 0
      that’s a beautiful fish!!!
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  6. 8 lb. 11 oz. Channel Catfish with a Magic Products Preserved Select Wax Worms

    1. where is this
  7. Caught off shore at the Dam in the southeast corner, about 10 feet off shore. Was not weighed or measured, but estimated at 40-43 inches, 20-22lb. Released quickly.

    Muskellunge with a Mojo bass baitcaster medium-heavy, 12lb p-line tactical fluorocarbon line, 4" Rapala Susp. Jerkbait X-rap XR10 in black/silver

    1. great job , good start for the year. That's the third one I know of in a year .
    2. Nice catch congrats!
    3. awesome catch
    4. Jake Joseph 0
      my apologies Marius, I was sent a screenshot, don’t do any other social media then this. That is a great fish, and even better to know it’s still swimming. I enjoy ...more Brookville to the pint we bought a cabin as close to the lake as possible late last year. Hopefully I’ll see you out there. Hope to make the first trip of the year down on the 27th. I have had good luck for a few Musky smaller than that one in the cove adjacent to the Bonwell ramp.
    5. Marius Monnig 0
      @Jake Joseph If you bothered to read it, he explained it wasn't him that caught it, but me. If you look in the comments, you can also find me and my facebook ...more page where it's also posted, as i was not yet a part of the Brookville Lake fishing page at that time. But i can understand why you would doubt it, it took me a long time to catch a musky too.
    6. Jake Joseph 0
      Kyle Bockbrader posted the exact same picture to a Brookville Facebook page on March 7th.....Pretty popular picture
    7. Scott Sorrell 0
      That's awesome...I never knew Brookville had Musky....and big ones
    8. Don Johnson 0
      Nice Catch!

      Thanks for sharing all the particulars.
    9. Kyle Ward 0
      a good buddy and me got surprised with a Muskie trolling for walleye there. they are there, if you have 10,000 casts in you! great catch
    10. Nice 40"er
    11. Ben Ruley 0
      great catch
    12. Daniel Baker 0
      Yep. Brockville has muskies. Nice fish, very nice fish.
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  8. 5 lb. 5 oz. 24.0 in. Blue Catfish with a worms

  9. Just an FYI to all fellow eagle creek boat launchers, they’ll have their new gate system up and running soon. Not complaining just wanted to share to give people ...more a heads up that haven’t been up there lately.


    1. Really SUCKS that they are taking the senior and Military discounts away! I'll find somewhere else to go
    2. Buddy Pierce 0
      I have seen those in Ohio.
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  • Eagle Creek Reservoir

    There is only one public boat ramp located on the south western arm of the reservoir.


  • Geist Reservoir

    There are two public access ramps on Geist Lake. From April through October, all motorized boats must use the ramp on Oleo Road. During the months from October to April all boats must used the Geist ...


  • Morse Reservoir

    Two parks offer free access to the water. Red Bridge park is located on the west shore and offers boat slips for rent, a club house, gas for your boat. Unfortunately, you can't swim in the lake or l...


  • Lake Freeman

    The best fishing here is before Memorial Day and after Labor Day due to the high recreational use. ...


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