Fox Chain South

Lake - Illinois

  • 71 catches


  • 39 spots

Large shallow lakes with excellent channels. Bass, catfish and panfish tops. Shoreline docks, piers, and weeds provide the most cover.


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Fox Chain South Fishing Reports

Recently shared catches and fishing spots

  1. Details: 6 lb. 19 in. Largemouth Bass with a wacky rig

    Back to back on a watermelon rig

    1. Anthony Boer
    2. Richard Todd
      Hooks lake in round lake beach.
    3. Anthony Boer
      We're did you get that hog it says south chain that is big can you pin point a bit better don't have to give your spot up
    4. Frank Steinmetz
      Nice catch. Double your fun.
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  2. roach with a bobber

    7 lb. 13 oz. 46 in. Northern Poke

    1. Dillen Kangas
      It's not going to be 46 inches and 7 LBS
  3. advertisement
  4. wacky worm style

    5ft deep lil pads

  5. Details: 3 lb. 2 oz. 20 in. Largemouth Bass with a minnow

    1. Frank Steinmetz
      Nice bass. What lake are you fishing?
  6. Absolute monster released

    20 lb. 41 in. Northern Pike with a bluegill

    1. NJ Squatch
      Catch photo release
    2. What is CPR?
    3. NJ Squatch
      Cpr is the only way to go! Let em go let em grow!
    4. Kenneth Olivo
      Damn this a monster pike! Nice
    5. Shawn Gearinger
      Catch, photo, release!
    6. NJ Squatch
      Awesome. 2 thumbs up on the cpr
    7. Mike D
    8. Jon Giacalone
      Great pike!
    9. Melissa Norris
      nice catch😀
    10. That's a fish of a life time.
    11. Shawn Gearinger
      That is a monster for sure!
    12. Robert Coleman
      Daaaaamn! That is a sweet looking fish Drake! Congrats!
    13. Rich Pardy
      Man nice pike!!!
    14. Jimbo Harwood
      monster pike.
    15. Stan Szczepanski
      That is taking "should have been here yesterday" to the extreme! Nice fish, though... Pistakee Bay???
    16. Drake Schachtner
      easy stan this was from the past ice season about a month and a half ago
    17. Stan Szczepanski
      WTF is this?? The Fox Chain has Been ice free for about 3 weeks! Plus there has not been any snow on the ground since December..... I'm afraid I'm going ...more to have to call B.S.
    18. that is a beast!
    19. Mike Ruoho
      nice fish
    20. Andrew Kane
      That's a beauty!!
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  7. Details: 13 in. Black Crappie with a wax

    1. charles garcia
      is this at nielsons channel
  8. Details: crappie late fall eary spring

    Paradise cove

  9. 12 in. Freshwater Drum with a jig and minnow

  10. 19 in. Channel Catfish with a Spoon with live minnow

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