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Recent Activity in Illinois

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  1. 3 lb. 12 oz. Smallmouth Bass with a live silver roach and live crawdads

    1. Jay Johnson 0
      Nice fish. But you are holding three fish over the lake limit. Good thing the DNR didn't see you with 4 fish in your POSSESSION. I didn't know Lake Carlton ...more had Small Mouth in it. But perch are not listed as being in there either but they are.
  2. 3 lb. 8 in. Black Crappie

    1. Scott Sorrell 0
      Big ass Crappie
  3. 14 in. Largemouth Bass with a jig & minnow

  4. Caught casting lipless crankbait from shore towards the fishing pier

    3 lb. 18 in. Largemouth Bass with a 6th Sense Lipless Crankbait in Craw

  5. Check out little SNATCH OR STARVE with his PB’s
    We had a great time over the weekend with friends and family..

    Crappie with a Minnows,plastics

  6. 2 lb. 5 oz. Striped Bass with a popper

    1. i know it was hard to see phone i didnt see the small mouth option with glare from the sun
    2. Jim Duignan 0
      That's a striper. And a top water popper.
    3. Andy Grigus 0
      not a largemouth
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  7. 2 lb. 17 in. Largemouth Bass with a 6th Sense Lipless crankbait in craw

  8. 30 in. Muskellunge

    1. Jerry Parsley 0
      Nice catch Jack...GREAT job! Keep casting...
  9. In the end i caught a total of 7 catfish using circle hooks

    Channel Catfish with a Chicken liver

    1. Wade Bowles 0
      Nice haul Antoine. Looks like a meal to me!
  10. We caught this in a father son fishing outing in fox lake. We were catching blue gills and then hit this cat on a tiny hook and 6 lb line. I released my sons drag ...more and he wore it out over about 20 mins time. Then when he got it close I grabbed it by the tail out of the water. Didn’t get much better than this, seeing. My sons excitement was the best catch of the day.

    Channel Catfish with a Nigh crawler

    1. The making of a future outdoors man. Nice Job, Dad
    2. Scott Sorrell 0
      Nice job...sounds like you two had a good day
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Popular Waterways

The most active fishing spots in Illinois

  • Heidecke Lake

    Heidecke Lake is a power plant cooling lake owned by Commonwealth Edison. Heidecke Lake State Fish and Wildlife Area is maintained and operated by the Illinois Department of Conservation in cooperatio...


  • Braidwood Lake

    Braidwood Lake is a partially perched (elevated above the surrounding terrain to catch wind) cooling reservoir owned by Commonwealth Edison. The lake consists of a series of old strip mine pits that ...


  • Kinkaid Lake

    Kincaid Lake is a superb fishing resource for several species, including largemouth bass, channel catfish, crappie, walleye, and muskie. It is a popular bass tournament lake and crappie angling pressu...


  • Rend Lake

    Rend Lake is the second largest impoundment in Illinois. This U.S. Corps of Engineer project has become one of the most popular multi-recreational resources in southern Illinois. Its fishing reputatio...


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