Trail Creek

Blaine - Idaho

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A section of the Trail Creek in Blaine County, Idaho.

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Trail Creek Fishing Reports

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  1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    3.84 Lbs

    1. cperry12 0
    2. marshallb116 0
      that's a nice one @Joee231
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  2. Anyone hear anything good about these rods I picked this one up for my birthday along with the Johnny Morris reel..

    1. tampafish 0
      Ya i use won in saltwater for flats stuff and works great light braid and it whips a one ounce lure pretty far. Got some backbone to was able to take on a 3 ft snook ...more with ease
    2. fishfinatic19 0
      @nicholas_hull really??that's good to know I mean I knew nothing when I bought it but now the more I read and hear from y'all I'm happy I got it
    3. nicholas_hull 0
      I've got one and they are great rods for the price!
    4. fishfinatic19 0
      @Robinhood yea I just liked the way she looked lol never heard or seen em before until I went to bass pro
    5. Adam Adam 0
      Great low end rod
    6. Adam Adam 0
      @TennesseeTroutboy I own at least 8 of these and the only problem I've had with any of them is the rubber in the guides tend to come out after a years worth ...more of fishing, but other than that it's a
    7. fishfinatic19 0
      @TennesseeTroutboy thanks man I'll keep the receipt just incase I like it though
    8. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      I hear the reel seat comes off but other than that good rods, I'm thinking of picking one up myself
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  3. My new outfit...a Johnny Morris reel with a shimano sullus rod

  4. First steelhead trout..32in 10lb 6oz

  5. Details: Steelhead Trout with a wax worm

    Nice male today. Didn't even know I had him til I reeled in. Def a adrenalin rush with this guy. Fun day!

  6. Details: Steelhead Trout with a spinner

    15 pnd male. Fought him for a good 30 mins.

  7. Details: Coho Salmon with a twister tails

    ........needed this after the long winter.....

  8. Details: Steelhead Trout

    Same fish, different pose. A bit over 9 pounds and 30 inches. My biggest one this season.

    1. jokerman8029 0
      Thats one lengthy steelie! Nice!
    2. adminao 0
      Mepps #4 dressed spinner, white and red colors.
    3. Isolnight 0
      What did you use to catch it??
    4. Accoquillard33 0
      Thanks, the creeks all a little different since they put in the lampray ladder at springland. I fish the game club a lot but there's a ton of new members, so ...more there's a lot of foot traffic in there now
    5. adminao 0
      This one was at the Johnson street trail forks access site.
    6. Accoquillard33 0
      Pig of a fish man, congrats! What access point of trail creek? I fish up there all the time
    7. 9G3B 0
      Nice fish man!
    8. Isolnight 0
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  9. Details: Steelhead Trout with a White spinner

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