Ocmulgee River

Telfair - Georgia

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A section of the Ocmulgee River in Telfair County, Georgia.

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Ocmulgee River Fishing Reports

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  1. Well hit the river on October 8th . not another boat on the river but it is really low somewhere around .9 feet !! bluegill still biting really good . did manage ...more to catch 3 redbreast, dont overlook fall fishing they still gotta eat to survive .

    Bluegill Sunfish with a Johnson Beetle Spins

  2. Set out to catch a fresh mess of fish and barely did ! the old ocmulgee is getting very low and slow ! river level is less than 1 foot !! the upside to this is not ...more a single boat fishing October 3ed .

    Black Crappie with a big bite jig

  3. Hit the river in the boat, bluegill on fire kept 45 in 2 hours..Now ready for kickoff next Saturday!!! Go Georgia Southern Eagles!!!

    Bluegill Sunfish with a Johnson Beetle Spins

    1. Austin Lewis 0
      Burketts Ferry Public Landing .run downstream about 1 mile and you will see the mouth of a very large dead river ,
    2. Emmett Johnson 0
      Where do you launch your boat?
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  4. Had to catch these to have something to fry. 40 plus mixed bag ,,redbreast slowing down but the bluegill are getting fired up !!!

    Redbreast Sunfish with a Johnson Beetle Spins

  5. Caught this old girl at 7am on a good old rebel minnow ,,,,this bass was 23 inches didn't have a scale but she was full of eggs ,,

    Largemouth Bass with a Rebel Minnow

  6. Not to bad for a Thursday !! These are the most beautiful fish in our river IMO!!! Gonna take a day off and hit them again Saturday at first light.

    Redbreast Sunfish with a Rebel Teeny Wee Crawfish

  7. Back to basics !! Low water and Roosters !!

    Redbreast Sunfish with a Rebel Teeny Wee Crawfish

  8. Well it was worth clearing a path to reach these beautiful fish,,,

    Redbreast Sunfish with a Johnson Beetle Spins

  9. Things we do just to catch a fish !!!

    Redbreast Sunfish

  10. looks like post from Saturday but different hat still same results ,,,,caught some beautiful fish today also,,,

    Redbreast Sunfish with a Rebel Wee Crawfish

    1. Neil Levey 0
      wow nice lookin fish!

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